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Share the Gospel
Bless the Poor
Earn Income

We are excited to recommend to you an incredible tool, which will do several things all at once:

1) Increase and fulfil your spiritual hunger
2) Raise money for 'children at risk' and the poor
3) Support XP Ministries
4) Help fund other media evangelists (goteam)
5) Provide income for yourself or your ministry

An Amazing, God-Given Opportunity

Patricia King is offering people everywhere a FREE subscription to a limited version of her site, or else offering them a PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION to the all-new online Christian streaming media known as XPMedia. This amazing web-site hosts over 150 ministry channels (and is growing all the time) with webcasts, conference archives, webinars, downloads, discounts, and out of this world product offers.

XPmedia has developed a novel approach to spread the gospel exponentially on line. Rather than spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing and infrastructure, they have prepared an affiliate referral program that pays back to everyone who refers others to the site; namely you - the affiliate member!

Simple but Fantastic! The strategy is simple:

1. Go the XPGOTEAM sign up page here.. http://www.xpmedia.com/users/goteam/?affid=8423

2. Sign up as an XPGOTEAM affiliate.
An affiliate is simply someone on the "sales team" who shares in the profits of any sales they make. For YOU to sign up as an affiliate there is no purchase required, and no fees.

3. You will be given a unique affilliate code.

4. To begin earning income all you have to do is refer the xpmedia.com website to as many contacts as you can via Facebook, your own website, blog, or email using the unique affiliate link provided. When someone you referred to the xpmedia site purchases a subscription of US$47.88 a year (which works out to just US$3.99/month) you receive a generous commission!


xpgoteam promo

In real terms, what does this look like? Simply, it is a referral-generated network. It works like this:

1) Firstly, 10% of every subscription will go directly to 'children at risk' and the poor.
2) US$10.00 of every subscription you generate will be awarded back to you.
3) US$10.00 of every subscription that is generated by your goteam referrals will also be given back to you as well as to your referral.
4) Finally, an additional US$10.00 of every subscription that your referral's referral generates is given to you as well as to your two referrals.

Generous Potential Income For You
This means that US$30.00 of every subscription is potentially paid back to the xpGOteam referrals who build the network. Additionally, a further US$4.78 goes to children at risk! This income structure continues as long as people maintain their subscriptions (i.e.: if a subscription is renewed annually, income is generated year after year).

Simple Version
The simple version is this: use your affilliate link to recommend xpmedia.com to everyone you can. Through your referrals, you spread the gospel and earn income. It is brilliant!

This is NOT Multi-Level Marketing. Rather, it is a three-tier referral service, which rewards those who work together to spread the gospel via on-line media platforms.

How Do You View This Opportunity?

Click hereā€¦ http://www.xpmedia.com/users/goteam/?affid=8423
On this page is a 10 min. video, which gives you a detailed description of the program. You can then sign up. There is also a "GET STARTED TUTORIAL" link to help you get started.

We would love to partner with you in this for Kingdom Advancement.

Learn more about this great opportunity!

Share the Gospel
Bless the Poor
Earn Income
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