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New YouTube Video

We have added the song You Need To Remember as a new YouTube video. We hope you enjoy experiencing the music of The Secret Place on YouTube.
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The song can also be downloaded through our Download & Donate offer.
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Podcast - Your Free Song Download

Here is your free song download - You Are the One Medley. This song is also on our podcast and can be downloaded at iTunes. This compilation of two songs is taken from one of our services.

All My Desire is found on the Seek My Face album, the first in a new series of intimate worship cds from The Secret Place.
You Are the One is the only song I have ever received in a dream (in its entirety) and can be found on the Throne of Love album.

Let this music lead you in worship as you sense the reality and closeness of Him. Come rest in His Presence knowing that He is the One our hearts long for.


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To download the file right click and select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" (Ctrl + click for a one button mouse). Choose a location to save your file. Go to the folder where you saved the file and click (or double click) on it. It is an mp3 file and will open in your default media player to play the song.

The Center

He is the one who holds the world together, sees the end from the beginning and in Him is everything we need. How could we not want Him to be the center? However, we often make Him our last solution after we’ve tried it on our own.

When other things become the center, we find that life is off balance and what used to satisfy no longer fulfils us. Jesus promises that when we put Him first, everything else is added.

He is the one our hearts need. Let your focus come back to the center. Ask yourself, where is my center point? Is it found in people, financial security, family, work, or is my center point found in Him alone? When He truly becomes the center, we find that He permeates every aspect of our lives with His strength and grace.

"You are the one
You are I’m sure
You are the one my heart’s been waiting for".

Thank you for being a friend of The Secret Place and for partnering with us in “turning hearts back to the Father through intimate praise and worship”.

May you be blessed in The Secret Place

- Ray Watson

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"I was spiritually dehydrated and I was serving God in my own strength. It was burning me out!... Your music has truly touched my life."

- Olivia Hyer, Brandon, FL, USA

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"I was deeply, quietly moved by your music. I could seriously feel God's peace, and inner stillness that comes during those vulnerable, intimate times of true worship in that secret place."

- Kevin Kellogg, Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA

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