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December 2014 Lonely Love Come Home The Prodigals Return
November 2014 I Hold You in My Hand Do Not Worry About Tomorrow
October 2014 Hold Fast Your Confidence Have Faith in God
September 2014 Nothing Will Trouble Me Putting Away the Pointing of the Finger
August 2014 When I'm Weak Then I'm Strong Waiting Upon the Lord
July 2014 Goodness & Mercy Shall Follow Me How to Forgive Yourself for Past Mistakes
June 2014 My Father The Father Heart of God
May 2014 Did You Think that I Have Favorites Daughter of God
April 2014 Just Believe Deferred Hope
March 2014 We Love to Sing Your Praises Lord A Good Theme
February 2014 Through My Jesus I Can Stand Prayer of Strength
January 2014 Love Me Love Me A Place of Rest
December 2013 Away in a Manger Our Emmanuel
November 2013 Dancing in Your Grace The Dance of Grace
October 2013 In the Name of Jesus Intercessory Prayer
September 2013 Falling in Love Wholehearted Love for God
August 2013 You're Worthy to be Praised Lord Worship This Side of Heaven
July 2013 Don't Say God's Steadfast Faithfulness
June 2013 Father's Day Song Belief in a Good God
May 2013 My Beloved is Mine Medley I Am His
April 2013 It's in You His Perfect Work
March 2013 Calling Things I am Persuaded
February 2013 The Shelter of the Most High Safety of His Presence
January 2013 Be Still - instrumental Setting Your Compass
December 2012 Heaven's Rain When Heaven Came Down
November 2012 Deep Calls to Deep The Silent Prayer
October 2012 You Are Good His Goodness Revealed
September 2012 Dancing on Your Mountain Top Blessed with Joy
August 2012 You Call Me Come Up Here
July 2012 Going up Your Mountain Mountain Top Experiences
June 2012 Standing Standing Under His Banner
May 2012 Present Yourself a Glorious Church I Come as I Am
April 2012 Just for Me His Embrace
March 2012 Entering Rest Restful Increase
February 2012 You Alone God Alone
January 2012 Can You Hear the Sound? Time & Seasons
December 2011 The Name of the Lord The Name of the Lord
November 2011 Creation Calls In His Likeness
September 2011 You Are the One Medley The Center
August 2011 Remember His Benefits I Choose to Remember
July 2011 Cast Your Cares Casting Our Cares
June 2011 Sons of God Discovering Hope in the Heartache
August 2010 Be With You