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Introducing One Of The Most Comprehensive Vocal Mastery Courses Of Its Kind

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About the Vocal Mastery 10-Disc Program:

A whopping 10-disc set, this course specializes in teaching you everything you need to know to start singing the right way. From the basics and fundamentals to more involved techniques and exercises, you'll get a comprehensive education on the what, why, and "HOW" of singing.



- Triple your vocal range and feel comfortable singing in almost any key you want. Never again will your range limit you from singing in the original key of the song.

- Build up your strength and endurance through a series of exercises and drills and never struggle towards the end of a song again.

- Use your falsetto strategically and stylistically... not because you HAVE TO! Discover how to add at least a full octave to your range so you can use your full voice when you need it!

- How to stand properly and the importance of correct posture.

- Diversify your style and dynamics by using both crescendo and decrescendo techniques! Although simple to grasp, dynamics are what separate the experienced from the "American Idol Rejects!"

- Avoid drifting out of tune in the upper registers by following 3 easy techniques.

- The #1 causes for vocal cord injuries and how to prevent them from happening to you.

- How to rid your singing of vocal strain forever. Imagine your singing without straining and having to worry about if you can hit a particular note.

- Develop a sense of unpredictability and keep your audience on their toes and at the edge of their seats using some of my professional runs and step-by-step breakdowns.

- Discover how to sing properly from your diaphragm, last longer, and have the power to hit notes you never thought possible!

- Learn the secrets the pros use to pull off an incredible climax -and- keep consistent energy until the end of the song.

- How to avoid strain and pain when trying to belt higher notes.

- Common mistakes singers make that hijack their energy and leave them with just a small portion of needed power.

- Strengthen your vocal control with quick and easy exercises that'll have people thinking you've been singing for years!

- 7 things top vocal coaches know about making even average sounding singers sound almost as good as trained students



- Double your wind capacity...and hold it! Learn Nena's own personal secret to sustain literally any note up to two times longer than the majority of singers out there!

- Exercises you can practice regularly to improve your range and make you sound almost like a professional singer...

- How to add flavor to your singing by mastering various stylization and "run" techniques that only the experienced know...

- How to develop great technique and healthy habits that stick with you throughout your entire singing career...

- Master the element of tongue positioning and control! This will help you avoid horrible vocal habits such as "lazy tongue" that I've seen ruin plenty of brilliant performances over the years.

- Rhythm is a huge part of singing. Learn how to keep tempo and how to use the unique rhythm of any song to your advantage when it comes to using various types of riffs and runs.

- Add flavor to your singing by mastering various stylization and "run" techniques that only the pros like Aretha Franklin, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, Kim Burrell, and Beyonce use!

- Implement the use of dynamics (i.e.- vibrato, sighs, cries, and straight tones) which will set you apart from the rest.

- Energize the songs you sing by infusing a beautiful blend of clarity, expression, as well as feeling. You're telling a story in every song, and you MUST portray that same inside emotion you feel outwards to the audience! You'll be amazed at how much a difference it makes...

- Spice up your own style by adding signature spiraling runs, riff-to-riff transitions, and the 'tumbling out of an arpeggio' with your own personal finishing touch that will have others looking at you as the veteran!

- Learn expert techniques to make sure you NEVER sing a sharp or flat note.

- Intensify tons of your words with the emphasis of ONLY one letter of the alphabet, regardless of the style or genre of music (...Gospel, Pop, R&B, Jazz, or Rock n Roll etc.)...

- How to use riffs, runs, arpeggios, and other stylization techniques to add loads of flavor to your singing. Once you learn the patterns, you'll be able to come up with your own riffs and runs that center around your own style!

- And much much more...

A whopping 10-disc set, this course specializes in teaching you everything you need to know to start singing the right way!



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