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Musical Manna - January 2013

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In this month's Musical Manna:

- New Release - Deep Calls to Deep Instrumental
- Free Podcast Download - Be Still - instrumental
- Note of Encouragement: Setting Your Compass

New Release!
deep calls to deep Deep Calls to Deep - Instrumental - Instrumental soaking music for Christian meditation and prayer

Following the success of our recent release Deep Calls to Deep - soaking music for contemplative prayer and worship, we have released an instrumental-only version, Deep Calls to Deep - instrumental soaking music for people who prefer instrumentals as easy listening background music.

Available both as a physical CD and as a digital download album. Sheet music is also available. Click here to listen and for purchasing options.

Album Reviews
I have some wonderful testimonies of changed lives as a result of the Deep Calls to Deep album. I would love to hear your testimony if you have one. Click here to add your comments to the "Album Review" at the bottom of the album page. Thanks!

Podcast - Your Free Song Download

Here is your free song download - Be Still - instrumental. This month's free download comes from the instrumental version of our latest album Deep Calls to Deep. This entirely instrumental version of the album (the vocals have been removed) was released for people who prefer pure instrumentals as easy listening background music.


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Note of Encouragement: Setting Your Compass

The New Year is often a time of realignment. Things that were put aside during the holiday season are now picked up again. The regular rhythm of life sets its pace once more. These beginning weeks of the year are important for realigning ourselves and setting our compass for the year ahead.

Where is due north for you and where are you headed? Set your compass now and lean in to the Father’s voice. Let His Peace be the governing force in every decision and situation you encounter this year. Colossians describes peace as being umpire of our hearts and minds. Making decisions, setting goals and following dreams becomes clear and apparent when Peace is the compass and umpire of our hearts and minds.

Let the peace of God rule your heart, acting as an umpire; deciding and settling with finality all questions that arise in your mind. (Colossians 3:15 Amplified Bible)

As you start this year, learn to hear the voice of Peace in the stillness of His Presence. You can then be confident in hearing the voice of Peace in the midst of chaos. Hearing the voice of Peace will become a joy and delight rather than an elusive state that seems to evade you.

This year will hold a wonder and joy for you because His Peace will be your umpire and compass. So this year take some risks, explore outside your comfort zone and go beyond predictable. But never lose sight of Peace. Take time as the year begins to set your compass. Find that stillness in His Presence and realign your heart and mind to His due north.

Thank you for being a friend of The Secret Place.
“Turning hearts back to the Father through intimate praise and worship”.

May you be blessed in The Secret Place and have an amazing year in 2013!

- Ray Watson

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