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"Words cannot adequately express the way I’m ministered to as I listen and enter into worship with your songs."

- Donna Yoder, Florida, USA

"Just so wonderful... drawn into worship and thanksgiving!"

- A Pinkston, USA

"It evokes such passion for Him and brings to the surface the yearning of the heart... I just love to leave them playing continually."

- Paulette, Ohio, USA

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O4eyes2C - Christian dance worship DVD/CD combo

A Creative Worship Experience through Art, Music & Dance

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The O4eyes2C worship album invites us to draw near to our Creator with a fresh sense of wonder. With the trademark touch of intimate worship, it captures our longing to know Him more. An inspiring artistic journey combining painting, music and spontaneous dance.
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"I found the whole creative experience intriguing yet extremely peaceful and relaxing. It made me feel at rest and sense the presence of God... Ray's best work yet." - Peter Robertson (Worship Ministries International)

"The whole message of the CD is the Father's love inside and out and addressing the whole idea of HOW GOOD GOD IS." - Susan McGregor, Japan



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This christian dance worship DVD will appeal to the following types of listener or situations:

• a great cd for background music, soaking or for anyone who loves intimate worship music
• a great gift for unsaved friends or family. (There is no singing in tongues on this DVD) "The whole message of the CD is the Father's love inside and out, and addressing the whole idea of HOW GOOD GOD IS." See reviews below.
• worship leaders interested in finding new creative expressions of worship
• people interested in the prophetic and creative arts in worship
• anyone with an interest in art, especially in watching / learning how to draw
• anyone with an interest in christian dance


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"Let your eyes be opened to the wonder of God’s creation and to the majesty of our Creator."

The concept behind this DVD is to help break new ground in our expression of worship, and would be an inspiration for anyone interested in developing personal or corporate worship in the creative arts.

This DVD/CD combo package is a captivating and creative worship experience combining painting, music and spontaneous dance.
It combines the music of The Secret Place with the added visual dynamic of watching an accomplished and well-known NZ painter Graham Braddock express his worship through art, accompanied by the beauty and inspiration of dance.

The Bible tells us that the heavens declare the glory of God and the skies proclaim the work of His hands. All of creation is pointing to its Creator. If we allow ourselves to become aware of creation that is around us, we will become captivated with the splendor and glory of our great God.

The orchestrations in O4eyes2C spread over a wide musical spectrum from soft, intimate melodies to bold, majestic sounds. The DVD/CD opens with an instrumental version of the theme song and then an artistic journey based on the theme of creation unfolds through music, painting and spontaneous dance.

The journey begins with a section of ethereal music that reflects the formless void that existed prior to creation, before giving way to the beauty of dawn. The middle section introduces a number of songs showcasing the goodness of God and expressing our thanks to Him. The journey ends with the theme song, calling us to open our eyes to see the wonder of His creation.

O4eyes2C is ideal for those wanting an artistic, creative expression of worship. Use it as an accompaniment for your own personal worship time as you express yourself through the arts.

It is my prayer, that as you watch this DVD, your eyes would be opened to the wonder of God’s creation and to the majesty of our Creator. Our God is truly awesome. He does not dwell in houses made by human hands but in our hearts. Through watching this DVD, our hope is that you wouldn’t just stop at the wonder of creation, but that it would serve as a sign that points to the majesty and greatness of our God - the Creator. Let O4eyes2C serve as a means for an encounter with the Creator. We invite you to join with us in this creative worship expression.

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How Good God Is

"The whole message of the CD is the Father's love inside and out and addressing the whole idea of HOW GOOD GOD IS. The first student who purchased said to me that she listens to the CD - at home - almost every day. Her favorite song is 'You are Good'! It blows me away what God is doing! ...there is such a dryness.. I believe that these people ARE responding to the Spirit of the Lord and it is a sign of how quickly He can move past man-made structures and systems in a culture that is riddled with regulations. He is bringing water to THIRSTY and heavy-laden souls -- WHETHER THEY REALIZE IT OR NOT!" - Susan McGregor, Japan

Customer Reviews

Name: Angela
E-mail: Private
Date posted: February 17, 2013 - 11:05 pm
Message: This album has created a desire in me to worship with dance.

Name: Yash
E-mail: duke@thedukeagency.com
Date posted: July 29, 2012 - 07:40 pm
Message: My heart's desire has alawys been to usher in the presence of God as we worship to sing and play so that the congregation can join us and together we can fill the temple with our love for Him and what He did for us at the Cross. I have never felt that it has been so much about the music . other than it be a vehicle for our voices as we praise Him but that it must be skillfully played so as not to break the focus of the church loving on God. Bob speaks to that later in the chapters. And as for my hopes and dreams . well, just that I am able to continue to be a part of the music ministry in some form and that our church continues to grow and serve our community. There are so many lost out there and if the music and the food draw them in so that they can hear The Word, then we are on the right track!

Name: Susan McGregor
E-mail: Private
Date posted: July 23, 2012 - 08:04 pm
Message: I bought an O4eyes2c CD after Christmas. ... About two weeks into teaching I started playing the CD in the classroom every day. None of the students said anything for maybe a month or more. Then on Friday, one student asked where I got it from. I told her the truth, that the music and songs were written by the pastor of my church in New Zealand. (The look of shock was indicative perhaps that in her world, such good music and church do not normally go together.) It didn't stop her at all. She said she wanted one, and she would buy it. ... having seen the DVD (it's powerful), and knowing that the song words are also included, I thought it would be a great English language learning tool. I'm so thrilled about getting her the whole album. It's very presentable. It's exciting....

Name: Susan McGregor
E-mail: Private
Date posted: July 23, 2012 - 08:03 pm
Message: Six of my Japanese students have placed orders for your 04eyes2c album. Some of them "just happened" without me even trying. I asked them why they wanted to purchase. Some responses may interest you. *I like his voice. *It's very comforting. *It's very relaxing. *After a tiring day, I want to listen to this CD. It will relax me.
It's so exciting to see what God is doing. It's fantastic that this wonderful music and worship is being so accepted by people who don't know the Father, the Son or His Spirit. It's awesome that it started all by "itself" and is continuing to grow. It's amazing that the album and DVD are getting into these homes to impact more than just one person, in most cases. Praise the Lord!

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