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Soaking Worship Music from The Secret Place

Discover The Secret Place! Intimate songs of worship for meditating and soaking in God's presence.

The Secret Place is not just a listening experience, it is a place of intimacy with the Father, a place where the heart longs for His touch.

Take a little time to listen to the songs on the left-hand side of this page and soak in God.

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Our worship music is ideal for your personal prayer time, home groups, churches, or soaking prayer rooms, healing prayer rooms, or other similar soaking centers. Setting up a worship soaking room? More teaching and instructions here.

Deep Calls to Deep

Deep cd

Gentle music for prayer and meditation.

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Pursuit of His Presence

Pursuit of His Presence cd

Raw, spontaneous worship featuring beautiful singing in the spirit.

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Peace cd

Beautiful instrumental music featuring accoustic guitar.

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"You have entered into a realm now with God. There are new songs coming forth. And I see a connection between heaven and earth... I see music notes lined with gold because they are of the glory realm... As your music is being played, I see a room filled with people connecting with God in a new way. Life transforming moments, because of what you are birthing." Patricia King, XP Ministries

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My Heart Longs for a Touch

This song is from the soaking album Seek My Face. Click here to listen and for purchasing options.

What is Soaking Prayer Worship Music?

Intimate Worship Music for Personal or Corporate Prayer

Christian Soaking Music, is a sub-genre of Christian Music, that is used in prayer centres and other Christian meetings. The term encompasses any Christian spiritual soaking music that serves the purpose of creating an atmosphere conducive to resting in God’s Presence.

The purpose is to set oneself aside to focus and meditate on God for renewal of strength and peace. It is an aid in seeking God. It is about spending quality time with God without having a program to maintain. It is a time to focus on a relationship with the Lord where lives are truly changed.


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"Take time today to draw aside and soak in the secret place of His Presence."

Soaking Ministries - Soaking Prayer Churches

Looking for a local prayer service? Every church has a unique identity and calling, and at Pursuit we place a high priority on spending time in His Presence. As a church, our identity is a passionate people who long for, and pursue His presence. We desire intimacy with the One we were created to love. Visit Pursuit of His Presence


"I absolutely love the music. I do a 'soak night' at my church each week and am always looking for new pure worship to play. Your songs are truly wonderful .......they are full of anointing and I know many will come closer as they worship through the music." - B. Henderson

Seek My Face cd

We love Seek My Face (album). My husband and I go to sleep listening to it often all night on the repeat mode. We often soak to it and put it on when we get up in the morning. I play it at our Soaking Prayer Centre at the church and many of our 'soakers' really like it. It is annointed and I have had some awesome visions of angels and God's glory while worshipping with it in the background.” - Marg and Ken Lamendeau

"I have fallen in love with your music and your heart from which it comes. It led me into worship and when I discovered and was downloading it, I had a wonderful time with the Lord. .... I feel that I have been behind the veil and entered into the throne room to sit in our Father's lap. Thank you." - Edison, NJ, USA

When did YOU last experience the Father heart of God? Spend some time in His presence today!
Experience His power and anointing and soak in The Secret Place. Listen online to these intimate songs on our latest collection of new worship cds.

The Influence of the Soaking Revival in Christianity Today.

This particular prayer movement is not yet prevalent in the majority of Christian churches. It is however making a huge presence among home groups and prayer houses or anywhere that groups of Christians gather to be in God’s presence.

Soaking in the Glory of God's Presence
The Power of Soaking Praise & Worship Music to Transform Us.

"God can change anything about you, if you give Him enough time." (Gloria Copeland)

Spending quality time in the secret place of His presence is a major key in slowing us down long enough to allow God to get a hold of us and work some deep changes in our lives. Soaking in the Lord is about being in His presence long enough to enable us to let go of who we are and become more like Him. Anointed soaking in God's glory will transform us into His likeness.


Soaking Music Internet Radio Online
More worship music selected from The Secret Place in our online players - a great resource for those wanting to spend hours soaking.

Soaking in God's Word
Spend time in His presence with these scriptures.

Christian Praise Songs
Free guitar chords, lyrics, sheet music, download free mp3.

Prophetic Soaking Music
Experience music with a spontaneous, creative, prophetic edge.

Refreshing for a Thirsty Heart
Let you spirit be refreshed as you draw from the well of His Presence.


Go on a Soaking Journey

Soaking Worship Instructions
An article with keys on how
to soak in prayer.

Soaking in His Presence
Abide in His Presence and rest in Him.

The Anointing & God's Power
The anointing changes the atmosphere and shifts circumstances.

Instrumental Music for Soaking
Experience purely instrumental soaking music - perfect for relaxing in the peace of His presence.

Resting in His Presence
Take time to rest in His Presence.

More Journeys

Prophetic Worship for Soaking

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Catch The Fire (Toronto Revival) - Christian Soaking Prayer Kits
Instruction on soaking prayer setting - this resource includes an introduction to soaking which gives us a biblical basis for soaking and what exactly it is. It will give you key scriptures and walk you through getting into a more intimate relationship with God. It also gives a brief overview about Catch the Fire Ministries. Manuals also available.

Holy Spirit Soaking Leaflet - A Biblical Basis for Soaking
Your step-by-step guide to soaking in God's Presence.

Christian Music Albums CDs
A selection of other Christian artists / bands and their recordings.

free praise and worship music

Download Our Free Praise Worship Music Resources

Download all the written music from our first Secret Place album Seek My Face for free! We have made all the piano sheet music, guitar chords, tabs and lyrics for all the songs off this popular album available to you FREE OF CHARGE. Some of these songs make excellent choruses for Sunday morning worship, and for this purpose permission is given to make copies of this music for distribution to your local church musicians.

Free sheet music for the Seek My Face album
Full lyrics for all the songs (plus guitar chords)

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"It is so anointed by the Lord, and has served to help bring me into the presence of the Lord in a mighty way!!! I keep the music on as I "soak" in His presence... the Holy Spirit becomes so real and present during those sweet times."

- Debbie Mehl, CA, USA

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Soaking Worship Music

Listen to one of our live soaking music CDs for meditating and resting in God’s presence:

Deep Calls to Deep

soaking worship music

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