Ministry Core Values Statement

& Pam Watson

This is a list of the core values that we embrace at Pursuit Church, Auckland

1. We value the presence of God and seek to build a place of intimacy and encounter.

2. Passion for God and devotion to Christ is normal for every believer.

3. Prayer and worship are foundational to our calling as individuals and as a church.

4. We are sensitive to the Holy Spirit and desire to see the manifestation of the gifts and the demonstration of power of God in miracles, signs and wonders. We desire to see this power demonstrated both inside and outside the church walls

5. The finished work of Christ has provided victory for every situation and wholeness in spirit, soul and body.

6. We are a people of faith who trust in the goodness of God and believe in His promises, for health, healing and prosperity.

7. The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy; therefore we place a high value on declaring the great things God has done.

8. We exalt the truth of God’s word above our circumstance, human reasoning and understanding.

9. The power of life and death is in the words that we speak over ourselves, others, and every aspect of our lives.

10. Honour brings life. We therefore cultivate high levels of respect in all relationships.

11. We are a family of believers characterised by love and acceptance; truth and transparency; forgiveness and hope.

12. Relationships matter. We promote the building of healthy family relationships.

13. We train for life, believing that all believers are called to minister and have an impact on the world around them.

14. We seek for opportunities to display the love of God, do good, reveal the kingdom and destroy the works of the devil.

15. Discipleship and accountability are essential aspects of fulfilling our destiny in Christ.

16. Our growth as believers requires transparency, openness and a teachable spirit.

17. Our character is more important than our gifts. Who we are is of greater value than what we do.

18. God is a God of restoration. There is hope for every situation; forgiveness for sin and grace for every need.

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