Gateway to Heaven - Jacob's Ladder

Supernatural Worship and Angels from Heaven

Building an Expectation for Supernatural Worship Encounters

On April 27, 2008, during the Sunday morning worship service, after a prolonged period of corporate singing in the spirit, I had an impression (or inner vision) of many keys falling from heaven and landing on peoples' tongues. A passage in Revelation came to mind, where the promise was given to certain believers that they would be given "the key of David". In the context of this vision it spoke clearly to me of praise and worship being a key to getting things done on the earth. Our praises would release keys in the heavenlies for divine assistance.

The revelation of praise and worship being a key for divine assistance became clear to me when I also saw a ladder from heaven reaching down to the earth, and perceived angels descending and ascending on it. They were responding to our praise and were bringing heavenly supplies with them to meet the needs of our assignments in the earth. It reminded me of Jacob's dream in Genesis chapter 28, where he saw the same thing, and exclaimed, "surely this is the gateway to heaven, and I did not know it!"

Our song services can be a gateway to heaven, do we not know it?

Upon closer study of the passage in Genesis we read, "A ladder was set up on the earth reaching to heaven". The ladder - or access to the entrance of heaven - was SET UP ON THE EARTH. It did not come down out of heaven, it was set up by the worshipping believers ON THE EARTH. What a revelation! WE BUILD the gateway to heaven with our worship!

The second thing that also reversed my understanding regarding this verse, was that the Bible says the angels were ascending and then descending, and not the other way round. The angels ( those ministering spirits sent to the aid of those who are heirs of salvation - Hebrews 1:14 ) are ALREADY here! And when we worship God they ascend to heaven with our requests and RETURN with heavenly answers and assistance. ( This is quite scriptural, and though not often mentioned, even Jesus had an angel sent to minister to Him.)

This one Sunday morning encounter with the presence of God and His angelic realm has done more for my expectation of what our worship services should look like than any other experience. We should have the understanding that every service is an opportunity to "set up the ladder on earth" that will reach heaven, enable us to enter through the golden portal of time, and make our requests known to God. Angelic visitations should be the norm. People should sense their presence. This is a heavenly portal. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, as it is heaven. Creative miracles will become common place, as the broken and dysfunctional realities of this present world merge into the perfect environment of His all pervading Presence.

This is the gateway to heaven, do we not know it!!?

Ray Watson
Pursuit Church, Auckland, New Zealand

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