Memos for Momentum

Momentum is the force of a moving body - so keep moving!
- Don't allow yourself to settle back down to a 'normal routine'.
- Continue to reach out, make plans and follow through.
- Go visit someone, do something - anything - just don't be caught sitting still!

Don't allow yourself to plateau in life.
- There is always more. Keep reaching for something beyond.
- Remember, if it's not fresh faith, it's no longer faith.
- When we simply continue to operate at the old level we've stopped moving.
- Step beyond your comfort zone.
- Take the next leap of faith.

Momentum is caught.
- Associate with people who are bigger than you - people who challenge your way of thinking.
We all need to increase our vision and widen our options.
- When you need a breakthrough, catch the slipstream of someone else's momentum.
We can exceed our ability.

Get out of the box.
- Break the mould.
- Be creative.
- Be different.
- Be yourself, and don't apologise.

Input determines output.
- Get your roots into fresh soil.

Momentum is ATTITUDE.
- Attitude determines altitude.
- Maintain a faith attitude - at least see the possibilities.
- Have a mature attitude - take responsibility.
- Have an enthusiastic attitude.

Momentum is ATMOSPHERE.
- Cultivate the soil of expectancy.
- Have achievable goals so you feel good when you succeed.
- Celebrate your victories.

Momentum is ACTION.
- Know who you are and what you're about.
- Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses.
- Lay hold of your destiny and make a strong response.
- Don't wait for the perfect opportunity. Get yourself in a position to score, and DO SOMETHING.
- Keep making decisions.

It's Your Move!
Make a quality decision to keep moving and stick to it!

Now is the time

We are the people

This is the place

© 1995 Ray Watson, Secret Place Ministries, PO Box 27-077, Mt Roskill, Auckland, New Zealand. email

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