2010 - A Year In Perspective

Heidi Thomason

As 2010 draws to a close I am weighing and measuring so much in my life. Some might say we are free from that, no need to do that anymore. Some are bound by the daily prison of measuring their very worth. I guess for me, weighing and measuring is more of a place of being really honest with myself, and God. How am I doing? I’m finally at a place where I’m not afraid to ask that question. I know I won’t score top marks in as many areas as I would like, but I’m okay with that and ready to upgrade this version of myself. Why? Because I sense the need to get serious about who I am in this world. I’m important.

I’m an extrovert, and I’m also an observer. 2010 has brought opportunity for me to observe so many different things, but what has captivated my attention are people who are making a difference in this world. I’ve found I tend to gravitate to quiet strength and wisdom which manifests in tremendous displays of God’s power. For instance, I love watching those who have had years experience in their area…they don’t have to speak real loud or make outrageous posts on facebook to be heard, people listen because they have learned the balance of speaking with their very lives. They encourage and are always sincere. They are innovators, but not pushy. They speak and publish fewer words, and always with the upmost integrity and grace. They choose these words wisely. They take into consideration the greater good in all they do. They include all kinds. They have an ability to perceive needs beyond themselves with a quick scan of a room. They are generous in a quiet, behind the scenes kind of way. They are present. They are inclusive, not exclusive. They are reverent. They always build up, never tear down. They are not afraid to correct. They are rarely defensive. They don’t push the envelope for the sake of shock, they push it to forward causes God has assigned to their lives. They are productive, not busy. They own mistakes. They are not governed by their “feelings”. They don’t make excuses, they create solutions. They truly model freedom and never abuse it. They are self-controlled. They are confident, not arrogant. They don’t go round the same mountains over and over again. They can let their life work speak for them…their fruit is evident. I want to be more like them.

As I enter 2011 I am thinking about the way individuals and society communicate, perceive, receive, and project. Public forums are a huge part of how we are known, perceived. However, the more public we get, the more our secret place matters. I am aware that the secret place I have known in the year 2010 needs to be upgraded for the challenges and opportunities of 2011. And so it goes. Always learning, always growing, always pondering, I’m always observing. And…I’m not the only one. Hmmm, when’s the last time we thought about how many are observing us? It’s cool in a challenging way. We have the power to influence or confuse. Encourage or devastate. Glorify or cheapen. Stand or cower. Expose or cover. Create or destroy. I’m more aware than ever before that I have to upgrade my secret place; the time I spend with Jesus. He’s the great teacher. I don’t have much ability to move forward in the characteristics I desire without Him. But with Him, its totally possible. 2011…I’m preparing to greet you with a hearty resolve to work on the current – not complete – version of myself. Secret place, here I come!

- Heidi Thomason
Used by permission.

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