Power Of A Dream

"For such a time as this." That's what the Lord dropped in my spirit recently as I was considering a course of action I should take. We live in amazing times. You were born for these times. If you don't believe that, then what do you believe?

People with a profound sense of destiny have always believed that the hour belongs to them, and that the moment of opportunity must be grabbed with both hands.

Dreams of greatness come to all, but not all experience the greatness of a dream.
"For a dream comes through much effort, but a fool's voice is known by his many words." Eccl. 5:3

There are dreamers and there are dreamers.

Those who would know what it means to be a part of "such a time as this" must know what part they are to be a part of, then lean into their destiny with all their might.

It all starts with a dream. Every human being is given by God the capacity to dream. All of us at some stage or other have dreamed of something great or wonderful happening in our life. When you dream, you are on the very edge of your destiny. But the act of dreaming is not meant to be an end in itself. It is only a beginning and not a finale. Neither is it meant to be an escape from reality. A dream comes through much activity and hard work.

"The cost of achieving a dream, if pursued with serious intent, is the same for a big dream or a small dream or no dream at all, it is the sum total of your life." (Peter Daniels)

What are you prepared to exchange your life for?
That is the question, that begs a dream.

A new year always brings with it the chance to plan again more wisely; to close doors on past events and the opportunity to dream and prioritize.

Nothing happens by chance. Nothing happens without a dream well pursued. Everyone has dreams, but not everyone has the faith or courage to pursue those dreams. A dream doesn’t happen because it is seen with the heart or acknowledged by the mind. A dream comes to pass because of the day to day commitment to do the right things and live by the right priorities and values.

The beginning of the new year means kids going back to school, routines being established and choices being made regarding time commitments, priorities and goals. Have you taken the time to establish these before God in your own heart? Don’t let life squeeze you into the mould of yet another year doing the same things and reaping the same results. A dream takes time to fulfill, but we will only move one step closer to it as we make the choices that sets our life in its direction.

What are your goals for the year?
What are the life choices that you have made that will ensure you move into a greater measure of your call and anointing?
Don’t just slip back into another year of “same old; same old.”
Invest in the things that will bring the harvest you desire.

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