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It is important to develop your songwriting skills. Songwriting is a craft that can be learned like any other. There can be no substitute for the skill of a writer using the basic tools of songwriting - things like melodic shape, variety versus repetition, structure, the craft of lyric writing, harmonic interest, making sure the song has a "hook" etc- all these things are important and can and should be developed over time.

"Making His praise glorious" means we must be masters of our craft.
There is no room for "good enough for gospel" here.

I believe we should be doing everything with excellence, and I have included some links to assist the aspiring songwriter to gaining access to some of the necessary tools for developing their craft in this way.

We are entering a new era of christian songwriting that cannot be so easily taught or acquired - it is the prophetic dimension. For examples of this style of songwriting go to The Secret Place.

Ray Watson
Yours in the joy of songwriting

Ray and his wife Pam pastor Pursuit church in Auckland, New Zealand.

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Masters of Songwriting

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Avoid the typical songwriter mistakes in the music business.

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Songwriting Tips Links and Resources

Recommended Resources

Songwriting Tips Forum

Are you a christian artist looking for a songwriters forum? I would love to hear your journey as a songwriter and any questions you have.

Building a Home Recording Studio

Read how I have created my own recording studio. This article includes tips for recording your own songs at home. Over the years I have been able to write and record music, make and sell my own CDs and also be responsible for the publishing and promotion.

Muselinks - Songwriting Websites

This is one great site for a songwriter! - Find an extensive list of websites for songwriting lessons, techniques and other free songwriting tips. You have to dig around a bit because there is just so much here, but honestly, it's worth your time.

Strategies for Success

We all need inspiration from time to time or we are are tempted to give up! Here is a portion of an article written by Sara Light at the "Craft of Songwriting Website."

"Take Chances - I've heard it said that it's better to take a risk and fail, then fail to take a risk. In an industry as competitive as this one, we cannot afford to let our fears of failure hold us back... I've been told that Jodee Messina walked right up to the head of Curb Records, Mike Curb, and told him that he needed a redhead on the label. If she hadn't done that, who knows if today she'd have three number one singles and a platinum album... If we never step outside of what feels comfortable to us we can't learn the skills we need to succeed.

We must be willing to accept possible rejection or failure and keep going in spite of it. A good example of this kind of perspective and persistence is exemplified by what Thomas Edison said to his wife while watching his laboratory burn down - that's a good way to get rid of all those mistakes I was making in there.

You've already taken a huge step, just by allowing yourself to pursue your dream. It's not always an easy thing to do, but don't let yourself give up too easily. You can do it!" - Sarah Light

Other Songwriting Resources

Songwriting Books

This online store sells not only instruments, but also books and CDs for learning how to write songs, record them and get published. If you would like to write songs and need information about lyric form, structure and melody, then this is a great online store to start your search.

The Craft Of Songwriting - How To Write A Song

By Robbie O'Connell
This book is a great resource for those who don't know how to get started and also those who want to develop their songwriting craft further. Learn specific writing techniques on how to make a good song become a hit song. This book will help you enjoy the creative process of songwriting.

Songwriter Associations Directory

Find singers and songwriters in this songwriters database.

Songwriting Contests & Competitions

Songwriting Tips - You Can Write Song Lyrics!

Discover tips for successful songwriting. There is a craft to lyric writing that can be developed and cultivated over time and with practice. This database can help point you in the right direction for writing better lyrics.

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