"I can't stop listening to it! It's exactly what I've been searching for."

- Cheryl Baxter, OH, USA

"I have never experienced such a fresh anointing as I do when I’m listening or worshiping with this cd."

- Angela Hamby, NC, USA

"I listened, I cried, I felt the Holy Spirit move within my soul. This CD is full of God's Anointing. I love it."

- Yolanda, LA, CA, USA

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Pursuit Of His Presence - Spontaneous Soaking Worship

pursuit of his presence

"The spontaneous worship from your album Pursuit of His Presence cannot be compared to anything else I have heard."
- Vivienne Campbell, Assistant Pastor, Zion Family Church, Australia

The first cd in a new series, featuring live spontaneous soaking worship from Pursuit, Auckland, New Zealand. This is raw worship that captures something of the presence of God that we long for.

To Download

After your purchase, all of the following downloads will become available. To listen to the songs use the player below.



Worship At Your Feet Medley   mp3            
    - Worship At Your Feet                
    - Highest Place                
    - Father Father                
    - Jesus I Really Need You       lyrics   guitar chords    
I've Got So Much To Be Thankful For   mp3   lyrics   guitar chords    
You're So Good   mp3   lyrics   guitar chords    
Soaking Worship   mp3            
Free Worship Melody   mp3            
Zip File   all files   (96MB)        
BONUS - The Secret Place Sampler   mp3            

Please note: There are 8 songs listed here on this album, but only 5 mp3 files to download. This is because four of the songs are all together as a medley in the first track. If you have downloaded 5 mp3 files, then you have the whole album - 8 songs and 43 minutes in total.