"I really feel I'm entering into the throne room while listening to this album."

- Irene McGough, Scotland

"Your songs are the most incredible songs of praise and worship I've ever experienced... They truly usher you in to His presence. And the love that pours forth, oh my; I never knew nor experienced such amazing, and wonderful love."

- Angela Ambrose, VA, USA

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Throne Of Love

throne of love

"There are many special moments on this excellent album, which weds a focus on praise and worship with a creatively arranged and instrumented sound.... quality contemporary music which incorporates elements of rock, jazz and classical."
- Chris Benge, The Shaker, New Zealand

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Just For Me   mp3   lyrics   guitar chords    
It Belongs To Him   mp3   lyrics   guitar chords   midi
Your Grace Is Enough   mp3   lyrics   guitar chords    
Why   mp3   lyrics   guitar chords    
Come Dance   mp3           midi
Memories   mp3   lyrics   guitar chords    
No Man Lays It To Heart   mp3   lyrics   guitar chords    
Only Son   mp3   lyrics   guitar chords    
You Are The One   mp3   lyrics   guitar chords   midi
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