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Our no risk guarantee
allows you to return
product to us within
30 days for a full refund.

Phone Orders

If you need someone to walk you through placing your order online, call us:

+ 649 832 2289
(New Zealand)

If you live in the USA, we are approx 5 hours behind California. Call us in the afternoon or late evening your time.


If you are having trouble at any time, please refer to our help files, or contact us.
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Pay By Check Or Money Order

How To Pay By Check Or Money Order

International Orders

We accept checks from these countries.

If your currency does not appear here then we are unable to accept checks from your country. You will need to go to your bank for an international money order instead. Please note, we are unable to accept a postal money order issued by your postal service. We can only accept an international money order issued by a bank.

If you are using the USA order form (below) and you do not live in the US:

  • Complete the order form for your required purchase
  • Convert the price of your order from US currency to your own currency using this Currency Converter.
  • Write your check or obtain a bank money order for the amount in your currency and send it in with the order form.

USA / International Orders

Print out the order form to the right, fill in your order, and mail the order form with your check or money order.
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Australia / NZ Orders

Print and use this order form which has been especially made for AUS / NZ orders. Shipping will be much cheaper if you use this form. The prices on the form apply to both AUS / NZ dollars.
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