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"I cannot describe the place where this music takes my heart and soul... My soul soars to a place that I haven’t been in such a long time."

- Michael & Susan Farris, Vermont, USA

"It evokes such passion for Him and brings to the surface the yearning of the heart... I just love to leave them playing continually."

- Paulette, Ohio, USA

"I was spiritually dehydrated … Your music has truly touched my life."

- Olivia Hyer, FL, USA

"It is without a doubt some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard on earth. No one in and of themselves could just come up with it. You HAD to have gotten it from God."

- Charlie & Shean Shields, Mechanicsville, VA, USA


"I can't stop playing the secret place. It touches me so deeply in my heart where no man can go… God's presence is so powerful in these cd's."

- Mary Zan Sweet-Warren, TX, USA

"Your music is like none I have ever encountered… I can not live a day without it as it enraptures me in the spirit."

- Cynthia Lecraw, Aruba, Dutch Caribbean

"I am simply loving the music, it is blessing me beyond words!"

- Lynn Trdla, USA

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Becoming A Partner

Will you help feed the world Presence Bread?

I am partnering with God in a dream; a dream to feed the world presence bread from heaven, and I invite you to partner with me.

In 1997 the Lord spoke to me and said, “I want to use you to turn the hearts of my people back to myself.” I said, “Why Lord?” He said, “Because their hearts are everywhere.”

I would like to extend an invitation to you to join me in turning hearts back to the Father through intimate praise and worship.

Since the time of my encounter with God in 1997, my one desire has been to create music from a place of intimacy with Him, and feed the world presence bread. Our hearts long to find the place where the heart of God and man are truly satisfied in worship. It is my prayer that through your prayer and support, The Secret Place will help meet this need. Read more.

Why Partner?

More Information on Partnership & What it Means

The Scriptural Benefits of Partnership

Partnership is a biblical principal and is the Lord's way of multiplying the resources, abilities and rewards of every believer. Through partnership you make a vital difference and your life is blessed too.

Partnership is a two-way agreement, and brings the Lord's blessing to everyone involved. As a partner, you not only receive the heavenly rewards of The Secret Place, but also participate in the anointing and grace that rests upon it as well.

The relationship between Elijah and Elisha illustrates this principle. In 2 Kings chapter 2, Elijah is about to be caught up by the Lord in a whirlwind. He asks Elisha to stay where he is but Elisha replies, "as the Lord lives, and as your soul lives, I will not leave you”. Elisha's motivation came from a heart for relationship. They were partners in ministry. As a result of this covenant relationship, Elijah's mantle fell to Elisha. It did not fall on the bystanders and spectators but onto his covenant partner.

"He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet's reward." (Matthew 10:41) When you support The Secret Place you share in the ministry of The Secret Place, and those who share in the ministry share the reward.

The apostle Paul held in high esteem those who supported him and ministered to his needs. Likewise, I place great importance on my partners. I am honored that you would consider co-laboring with me in turning hearts back to the Father. My prayer for you as a partner is that you will experience a greater measure of intimacy with the Father and that God would honor you with His presence.


As a partner, I ask you to uphold The Secret Place ministry in two vital areas:

As a partner we uphold you in prayer and pray for God's blessing and favor on your life, and for His presence to be with you. Please pray for us also, that The Secret Place continues to carry His presence, that hearts are touched, turned and restored to the Father, and that new songs from heaven will be released. Pray for favor on the internet … that the sound of heaven will be heard all over the world.

Financial Support
By offering my songs for whatever people can afford, I am able to bless many people. When you support this ministry financially, you enable me to offer these songs to many people who could not otherwise afford them.

In chapter 10 of Romans, Paul quotes the verse, “How beautiful are the feet of them who preach the gospel.” But then he reasons, “How shall they preach unless they are sent?” As a financial partner, you are helping me send the songs of The Secret Place around the globe, feeding the world presence bread from heaven.

In return, there are some unique privileges and benefits outlined below that are not available to anyone else. As a partner, you have access to all my songs. I have also included additional "behind the scenes" moments and other more personal material to help you feel connected and part of the ministry.

I would love to have you join me!

Song Locker

All songs recorded at The Secret Place
Song Locker


Intimate and thought provoking articles on worship and ministry

Behind The Music

Discover Behind the Music moments with Ray
Behind the Music


Join the partners' private online community


Life-changing messages by pastors Ray & Pam

Partner Discounts

Discounts on all cd purchases through our online store
Partner Discounts

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Become A Partner

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