This exhortation song encourages us to declare over our lives “I am blessed!” because in His love, God has called us blessed and wants us to agree with Him. We can have the blessings of Abraham if we believe God has empowered us to be blessed with every earthly blessing through Jesus Christ.

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Song Lyrics

Blessed in the Father’s love. Lord I receive.
I receive that healing, I receive your provision, I receive that wholeness.
I receive peace.

I receive your goodness.

Blessed when I go out blessed when I go in (Repeats)
I’m so blessed Lord

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Song Notes

Transcription of the song exhortation

Good things happen to those who know God loves them. There’s nothing you can do to make God love you more. There is nothing you can do to earn or deserve the blessing of Abraham except renew your mind to the fact that God has called you blessed and empowered you to be blessed with every earthly blessing. Blessed.

I’m the blessed. I want everyone to say “I’m the blessed”. You know there are some people who say things like “It doesn’t matter what I do, it all seems to turn to custard. Doesn’t matter where I am things just don’t work out for me. It just almost seems like there is a curse on my life. You know, when you say things like that you are removing the blessing of Abraham from off your life. The Bible says righteousness comes to us when we confess what does righteousness say? Righteousness speaks and it confesses that Jesus is Lord. Not poverty, not sickness, not curse but Jesus is Lord. When we confess “I am the blessed” we are removing everything foreign to God’s kingdom from our lives.

The Lord spoke to me a number of years ago and told me that I was having problems in certain areas because I was cursing my own fig tree. Not just with my words but in my thought life. And right now you need to deal to some things that are going through your mind about who you are and the struggles that you are experiencing. And you need to say “no that’s not me”. Because how can two walk together unless they are agreed? The Bible says I wish that you would prosper Brethren; I wish that you would prosper in all things, according to the prosperity of your soul. In other words, God could only materialise the blessings of Abraham around our lives to the degree that we have renewed our mind.


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"God calls you BLESSED and has empowered you to be blessed."

I want you to agree with God this morning. I’m blessed. I’m blessed with the blessing of Abraham. I’m a BBA. I’m blessed when I go in, I’m blessed when I go out. And if circumstances aren’t in agreement with that confession right now, don’t change your confession. You hold your confession until people begin to see the goodness of God around your life. But it won’t come unless you first begin to speak the blessing that God has decreed over your life. I really feel that strongly this morning. Doesn’t matter what situation you are in… even Job knew that. He said I will not take my wife’s advice and curse God and die. No no. Husbands and wives, you need to hold one another accountable. Please don’t curse our family, lets agree we’re blessed. I’m blessed. Though the fig tree does not blossom, though there be no fruit on the vine, though the produce of the olive fail, though there be no herd in the stall, yet will I rejoice in the Lord and say this, I am blessed. I can turn this around. I’m blessed because I am surrounded by the love and favour of God. No weapon formed against me can prosper. Doesn’t matter what comes my way. Doesn’t matter what I’m looking at right now. Doesn’t matter. I’m one of those chosen ones. I’m one of those people… Everything I touch turns to gold. I’m going to turn this around.

Father we thank you. I’m blessed. I believe that’s the kind of praise and worship that gave Israel victory over her enemies. They weren’t just singing some silly little song. It was declaring the works of God. It was prophesying the victory. It was prophesying the blessing, the favour, the victory of God.

Oh the high praises of God be in our mouth and a two edged sword in our hand. We’ll march right up to the victory side, right into Canaan’s land.

That’s where all the good stuff is. That’s where the promised land is. The high praises. The praises that go above your circumstances. The praises that go beyond where you are, into the realm of God’s prosperity. Into the realm of God’s promise.

Just stand with me one more moment. Lift your hands and begin to praise Him. Begin to declare the favour of God over your life.

Lord we declare the favour of God. Lord we declare your favour. We declare your prosperity. We declare your love. I’m going to see the goodness of God. Declare it over your life. It won’t come to you unless it comes out of your mouth. God has already spoken it and he’s waiting for your agreement. He has already declared you blessed and he’s waiting for your agreement. I’m blessed, I’m blessed.

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