A passionate prayer for coming into The Secret Place of His presence! This song from the Seek My Face album calls out in worship:
Here I am Lord, draw me and I will run after you! Draw me to worship...

Discover The Secret Place - intimate songs of the heart. With an emphasis on intimacy and simplicity, these songs are sure to capture your heart, and leave you with an enduring sense of His presence, and a hunger for more.



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Song Lyrics

Here am I
Lifting my prayer, waiting for You
Longing to hear only from You
My soul thirsting for more of You!
Here am I
Waiting for wings to fly
Into Your presence
Lord, here am I

Here am I Lord
Where are You (Repeats)

Cause I want You Lord, Seek Your face,
Need You now, Need Your grace
Want to know, the sweet embrace,
Hungry for Your secret place Lord

Here am I and I’m waiting for You
Here am I, Where are You Lord
Here am I and I’m hungry for You
Where are You, I seek Your face,
I’m hungry for Your secret place

Song Notes

The song begins with a simple expression of prayer asking God to find me. Here am I, waiting for you.
David said “Seek me Lord for I have gone astray”. There comes a time, when we realise our desperate need for God to draw us to seek His Face. Jesus said “No man comes to me unless the Father draws him”. The Bible says it’s not of man who wills, or of man who runs but God who shows mercy. It is by grace and the mercy of God that we are drawn to seek Him. “Draw me and I will run after you.” It is in this place of desperation, humility, and prayer that David calls upon the Lord. Here am I Lord, waiting for you draw me and I will seek you with all my heart. Hunger is the one thing we need for personal and corporate revival. It is my prayer that this song will help you find that place.

We have used this song as a chorus in church quite successfully. It is one of the few songs that I have written that actually works as a congregational chorus. (Chords are available - see above link) The ending of the song leads well into free praise and worship and so helps provide a basis for corporate worship that can move into an extended time of waiting on God. There is a free section towards the end of the song that builds to a musical and spiritual climax as the worshipper expresses his hunger for the presence of God. “I need you now, I need your grace, I’m hungry for your secret Place".

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