Are you afraid of what the future may hold? Don't be afraid, just believe and trust in the goodness of God for your life. Be not afraid, only believe knowing that God's plans are for your good, not for evil.

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Song Lyrics

Don’t let your faith grow cold
Don’t let your dreams grow old
You gotta find yourself a reason to go on

Don’t you believe the fear
Don’t let your heart despair
You’ve gotta find yourself a reason to keep believing

When you feel the emptiness is more than you can bear
Grace can take you through the trial
He is always there

Just believe, just believe
Take the time again to dream again
To find what you believe
Just hold on a little longer
It can only make you stronger
Just hold on to faith, just believe.


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"Take the time to dream again... Just hold on to faith, just believe."

Don’t let the lie get in
Don’t let the dying in
You gotta guard your heart to go on

Don’t let the memories lie
Don’t let the pain inside
You’re gonna find your dream
Your reason for believing

If you find the empty years are more than you can bear
Just remember time is in His hands
He’s always there


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Song Notes

The Bible says that "hope deferred makes the heart sick" (Proverbs 13:12). Some people are heart sick and desperate for hope - the kind of hope that isn't just believing that circumstances will work out, but that their existence is filled with hope and purpose. God tells us in Jeremiah 29:11 that He knows the plans He has for us. They are plans that give us a future and a hope. As Christians, we don't have to live our lives clinging to prayers for hope. We simply believe knowing that God is our Hope and He has promised that our future is bright. Just believe!

The song Just Believe was composed during one of Ray's personal devotion times and then recorded live at a church meeting. The song's arrangement is very simple - just vocal and piano (strings were added after the live recording). This simplicity lends itself to the inspiration and wisdom expressed in the lyrics to "just believe" in the face of any circumstance or situation.

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