This song expresses our desire to be loved by God through a simple refrain, "Love me, love me".
God loves us regardless of our imperfections and its only through His love that we can rest in Him and become like Him.

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Song Lyrics and Exhortation

“Let’s be seated in His presence this morning. Let’s just allow God to love on us. People came here this morning with burdens too heavy for them to bear. People came this morning with weights too great for them to carry. That’s why we need a Saviour.

Jesus said, “Take my yoke upon you, my yoke is easy.

The burdens the church has put on people in the past have been anything but light, and anything but easy to bear. But the yoke Jesus puts on us, is one that fits. No striving, there’s just a rest.

Basically He’s just saying, “Team up with Me. Just let Me handle the things you can’t handle, and the things you can’t change about yourself. Did you really think you were going to change yourself? If you could have done that, you would have done it by now. So even those things that are imperfect about you, that’s My problem really! Don’t you think I knew that? From the beginning I was slain. The law only came to show man his desperate, desperate need for grace.

So love me (x4)
Just love me (x2) now (Repeats)
I’m so tired of trying to be (x2)
I’m so worn out trying to please
I’m so broken, just trying to fix me (x2)
So won’t You love me please (x3)

Let me be me
I want You to be those things that only You can be for me
Won’t You be those things only You can be for me

I believe and I receive (x2)
Your finished work, Your grace for me
Your finished work, I receive, I believe, I receive
Love me (x4)
Won’t You love me (Repeats)

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Song Notes

The above exhortation and prophetic song came at the end of a Sunday morning worship service at Pursuit. I have left the transcription completely intact because the song lyrics and exhortation weave in and out of each other as part of a spontaneous flow.

As the song developed I became aware of a flow of revelation concerning the Father’s heart of love for us and how gracious He is in allowing us to grow in this love, and not demanding of us what we have not yet become. The following study on growing in love explains this a little more:
If you love Me, keep My commandments.

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