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Col Stringer was born in the rugged desert country of Australia. He won the Australian Fishing Writer of the Year award and received a gold medal for capturing a world-record shark. Col has authored 10 books on fishing, wildlife and hunting, including a best seller ‘The Saga of Sweetheart.’ He has also successfully hosted his own outdoor and fishing TV program.

Col and his wife Jan have a powerful anointing on their ministry and have preached at many churches and conventions around the world. Col has spoken for well known ministries such as Kenneth Hagin at Rhema USA and Kenneth Copeland, and serves on many ministry boards. He has been affectionately nicknamed “Pastor Crocodile Dundee” for his ability to deliver humourous sermons interwoven with stories from his wildlife background.

Within their beloved homeland of Australia, Col's radio program ‘True Blue Faith’ is heard nationwide. He is a well-respected speaker even in political circles. He has spoken at The Great Hall in Federal Parliament and Parliament House in Brisbane and Sydney. Col has been nominated for the honour of Australian of the Year. He is the Australian President of the International Convention of Faith Ministries International.

Col has successfully authored 20 Christian books, with a total sales of 300,000. In 2004 he was awarded a doctorate from a University in Florida USA for his research on Australia’s Christian Heritage, one of his most popular christian books. He has also written a a similar book, New Zealand's Christian Heritage as the history of these two nations is closely linked.

A couple of his books, ‘800 Horsemen’ and “Fighting McKenzie’ ranked at 12 and 29 respectively in the Australian Broadcasting Commissions top one hundred books.

Col Stringer 800 horsmen  

800 Horsemen by Col Stringer

Col's book on the victory the Australian Light Horsemen at the Battle of Beersheba is a historical account of how the Australian Light Horsemen set the stage for the liberation of Jerusalem. Centuries of Turkish rule came to an end as a result of this historic charge. A must read.

Another very popular book by Col and beautifully illustrated is the magnificent hard-cover study on the life of the eagle - On Eagle's Wings.

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