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On Eagle Wings - by Col Stringer.

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On Eagles Wings book  

ON EAGLE WINGS, by Col Stringer

The most comprehensive study of eagles in relation to scripture ever printed. Hard cover, full colour. The most popular book Col has ever written. Now in its third printing. We have letters from all over the world attesting to the insights gained from this magnificent book collectors item. Kenneth Copeland, Robert Schuller, Benny Hinn, R. Zondervan (Zondervan Books) are just some of the people who have this book. There are over 30 scriptures about eagles, many are references to the eagle’s qualities that we need in our Christian lives. How the eagle Trains its Young, Mate for Life, Their Legendary Boldness and Tenacity, Their ability to understand the wind currents, to soar on the thermals. The book is filled with breathtaking paintings by some of the world most prestigious artists as well as Col’s own action photographs.

What Others Say About This Book

Joyce Meyer

Used by Joyce as a reference book in her series 'Mount up with wings as eagles' on her daily TV program 'Life In The Word'.

Kenneth Copeland

"This is the finest book/video I have ever seen on eagles. Everything I have ever seen Col Stringer do is of the finest quality and great spiritual value. This one is outstanding even for Col Stringer. It is a must see for every born again believer."

Jesse Duplantis

"This is one of the most inspiring productions on eagles I've ever seen. Col shows not only the majesty of the bird but the awesomeness of God in creating such a unique and powerful species. Truly, I now understand fully 'We shall mount up with wings as eagles'.

Kenneth Hagin Jr

"I must give credit to my friend in the ministry, Rev. Col Stringer, for the information I gained in reading his book 'On Eagles Wings'. I wish to thank him for the materials, which helped inspire the message of this book."

Jerry Savelle

"Col has a wonderful gift in bringing God's wildlife and Word together in a powerful presentation that causes you to stand in awe of the magnificence of both. This is something you'll enjoy time and again."

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American Bald Eagle Information
In-depth bald eagle information, photos, general facts sheet, viewing directory, screen savers, greeting cards, and stories as well as golden and harpy ...Golden eagle, fly like an eagle, golden eagle, amercian eagle, bald eagles, desert eagle, eagle talon, soaring eagle, eagles nest, screaming eagle, eagle eye, eagle crest

American Bald Eagle Description

American Bald Eagle Photos, Eagle Stock Images The American Bald Eagle photos on this page are close-ups of Bald Eagles in ... Photo of American Bald Eagle in flight. This eagle picture is very clear and ... eagles birdwatching, photos of eagles, international eagle, california eagles, eagle owls, eagles head, eagle symbolism, eagles lair, eagles symbol

Majestic American Bald Eagle photo Proud American Bald Eagle photo. Looking strong and brave. A great bald eagle picture.

Acclaim Images - american eagle photos, stock photos, pictures ...american eagle posters and prints - american eagle clipart. american eagle photos, stock photos, pictures, american eagle stock photography ...

American Eagle - A powerful bird of prey, the American Eagle is well adapted for hunting.

American Bald Eagle - National Wildlife Federation
Learn about american bald eagle ... In January 2005, we invited visitors to add their photos to a bald eagle photo mosaic. After all the images were ...silver eagle, sea eagle, white eagle, eagle claw, on eagles wings, black eagle, screaming eagles, flying eagle, texas eagle, talons, eagle spirit,

USA's National Emblem
The Eagle, Our National Emblem. It was not until 1787 that the American bald eagle was officially adopted as the emblem of USA.

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