Ministry Trip Around The USA

By Ray Watson

December '07 - February '08

For quite some time I have been receiving invitations from around the world to come and minister in worship, but up until recently, it was never something that I had fully stepped into. All of this changed at the end of last year when I felt the prompting of the Lord that I was to step out in faith and put The Secret Place on the road. There were no itineraries, and no elaborate plans - just a simple decision that I would be willing to go. It is amazing how opportunities come to those who already have a yes in their hearts, and following my decision I saw an immediate increase in invitations.

Ultimately it wasn't long before a trip to America was made possible, and what followed was two and a half months of travelling with my family through fifteen different states. These months, and ulitmately the entire trip, stood as testimony to the provision that only comes when one steps out and goes. Not only did God supply all that was needed to fulfill our ministry engagements, but He also proved that those who serve Him lack no good thing. Our trip was able to double as a family holiday, taking us to places such as New York, Niagara Falls, Hawaii, and the Grand Canyon.

During our time ministering we saw many people touched, as well as our music reaching new areas of the Body of Christ. My wife Pam did most of the teaching, ministering on the Song of Solomon, as my daughters and I ministered in worship. Everywhere that we went we were well received, with invitations to return again.

It's been two months since we returned home to New Zealand, but the fruit of our trip is continuing to live on, not only in the lives ministered to on our trip but in our growth as a ministry, knowing that faith and a willingness to go is in fact the open door, where provision always waits on the other side.

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