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Right click, "Save Target As." Choose a location to save your file. For those with a one button mouse Ctrl + click. For specific instructions on downloading mp3s, music and zip files, see the following help file:

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The Secret Place Series

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The Secret Place 2 - Passionate Pursuit

Lord I Lift My Worship   mp3   lyrics   guitar chords   sheet music   midi

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The Secret Place 1 - Seek My Face

All My Desire   mp3   lyrics   guitar chords   sheet music    

I Will Praise Your Love Forever   mp3   lyrics   guitar chords   sheet music    

Pursuit of His Presence

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Pursuit of His Presence - Spontaneous Soaking Worship

Free Worship Melody   mp3                

Additional Songs

Additional Songs

Prayer of Jabez   mp3   lyrics   guitar chords   sheet music    

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