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How To Play MP3 Files

How To Play mp3 Files on Your Computer

There are a variety of ways you can listen to an mp3 music file.

• Using your computers default media player (see below)

Uploading to an ipod or some other portable media player

Burning your files to a cd so you can listen on a cd player

Using your computer

Once you have downloaded mp3 files to your computer, you can listen to them through your computer’s default media player. If you have downloaded songs from this site then they will be encoded as high quality mp3 files (virtually indistinguishable from CD quality for most people.) These mp3s are compatible with any computer’s default mp3 player such as Windows Media Player, Musicmatch Jukebox etc and will also play on your iPod or any other portable mp3 player.

While trying to download the songs from this site, some people have mentioned problems with their portable mp3 player (such as an iPod) or their computer’s media player (such as Windows Media Player.) It is important to realise that your portable mp3 player or your computer’s Media Player is not involved in the download process at all, it is only used for playing back your files once they have been downloaded to the hard-drive of your computer. (A possible exception to this is if you are purchasing through the itunes store.) Once the files have been downloaded to your computer, if you are still having problems listening to the songs, then the following instructions should solve the most common problems.

Play Songs On Your Computer

You can listen to the songs using your computers' media player (such as Windows Media Player). Please be careful to distinguish between your computers' media player and what is commonly referred to as an "mp3 player" - they are two different things. Your computers media player (eg Windows Media Player) is a software program that plays the music files on your computers' hard drive. The term "mp3 player" is usually used to refer to a separate piece of hardware - such as an iPod or any other portable mp3 player.

Once the songs have been downloaded to your computer, you may listen to them using your computers' default media player (eg Windows Media Player or iTunes Player). Simply go to the folder where you saved the song files and click (or double click) on one of them. Your media player should automatically open and start playing the song. If you get an error message or you still cannot play an mp3 file, click on the following link for further help: I cannot play the mp3 files on my computer.

If the song does not open up in your desired media player, right click (Ctrl + click if you have a one click mouse) on the file and in the drop down menu that appears select "Open With". A list of options will display. Select the name of the media player you wish to use.

If you want the songs to play one after the other (without having to click separately on each file) you will need to load the songs into the library of your media player and create a songlist / playlist.