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Free Christian Sheet Music Guitar Tabs Chords

Download Free Piano Worship Chords Lyrics for Contemporary Christian Music

Discover The Secret Place - intimate songs of the heart. With an emphasis on intimacy and simplicity, these songs are sure to capture your heart, and leave you with an enduring sense of His presence, and a hunger for more.

free christian sheet music

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Download Christian Piano Sheet Music

Printable Piano Sheet Music for Throne of Love

Download free Christian praise worship sheet music, song lyrics and guitar chords from The Secret Place album Throne of Love. These downloadable resources are in pdf format, easy to print and completely free. The professional and digital piano sheet music contains the melody line, chords and lyrics.
For sheet music books from other albums, visit our online store.

Song Sheet Music Lyrics Guitar Chords
Just For Me
It Belongs To Him
Your Grace Is Enough
Come Dance    
No Man Lays It To Heart
Only Son
You Are The One

Download Other Free Christian Music Resources

Click here for an extended list of our Christian sheet music (including free Christian guitar tabs chords and lyrics, mp3s, piano worship chords, charts, midi files and other songsheets). And remember to vote for your favorite song!

Easy Sheet Music

Free worship piano music is available for beginners learning how to play written sheet music or by ear. "You are the One" is a simple song with easy melodic lines for those beginning to read sheet music.
Free Worship Piano Lessons - Complete course with chords keys tabs sheet music theory & scales. Learn to play praise and worship piano music by ear. 60 FREE lessons online! Free piano lessons tabs chords keys tricks tips.

Note for guitar tablature.

Guitar tablature is for a normal 6 stringed guitar tuned to E A D G B E. Words and super easy guitar chords are also provided along with guitar tabs for our Seek My Face album - click here.
Guitar Tablature Definition - a form of musical notation used especially for the lute or guitar and other stringed instruments such as a bass guitar in which the lines of the staff (or staves) are represented by the strings, and the letters or figures on them indicate the finger stops. "All My Desire" is perfect for new beginners wanting easy guitar chords. This song is in major chords only and is a simple praise chorus for anyone starting to learn the guitar. Examples of more experienced guitar playing can be heard in the coda to the song "Your Grace is Enough" (see mp3 player above).



We personally recommend ShareSong as a great resource for Christian sheet music. The site offers our own Christian sheet music from our Secret Place albums. ShareSong also has popular free Christian sheet music for hundreds of other independent Christian music artists. You can also search for lead sheets, chords and other charts online. You can search for thousands of contemporary Christian lyrics for Christian rock, old Christian, hymns, gospel and other top Christian choruses. Support your favorite local indie artist with your song vote.

Christian Sheet Music Downloads

View and download thousands of free sheet music for contemporary Christian songs. Find your top free Christian piano sheet music, Christian music chords and other free printable Christian sheet music. Download Christian sheet music for Christian rock, old Christian music, hymns, gospel and other upbeat Christian choruses. Find chords for christian praise and worship songs, christian music guitar chords, christian music charts and more.

Christian Guitar - Free Christian Chords Guitar Resources

One of the largest online catalogue of worship songs, chords, and christian guitar tabs. Find chords for christian praise songs, christian music guitar chords, christian music charts and more.

E Chords is an excellent resource for worship bands. Find the best lead sheets and chords from all your top artists. Each song can be transposed into any key.

Free Christian Lyrics

Find lyrics to Christian songs. is the largest search engine for Christian music. Search by artist, track, album, or keyword. Find contemporary Christian music lyrics and Christian rock lyrics from all your top artists.

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"I am simply loving the music, it is blessing me beyond words!"

- Lynn Trdla, USA

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