Cast your cares upon the Lord! A song about casting your cares on Him, for He cares for you! (1Peter 5:17) This spontaneous song expresses the heart of the Father towards His children. He desires to carry our every burden. Give up your anxiety and worry now as you relax in His presence and hear the Father's heart saying, 'I love you, I care for you so cast your cares on me'

"Casting all your care upon Him for He cares for you". 1Peter 5:7

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Song Lyrics

I love you (x3) Yes I do,
My child, I love you (x3)

I care for you (x2) so cast Your cares on Me

So cast Your cares on Me
I will do Your worrying (repeated x3) for you

Cast your cares on me (x2)
I will do your worrying for you

Song Notes

Cast Your Cares was spontaneously created during one of our Sunday meetings at Pursuit. The song came prophetically to me while playing the keyboard. It is inspired from the Bible verse in 1 Peter 5:7 to cast your cares upon the Lord. The song is sung in the 3rd person as a Father to His children. It reveals our Heavenly Father's desire for us to cast our cares on Him. Come and cast your cares on Jesus today and lay your burdens at His feet. The song was released as a Musical Manna podcast in 2011.

"Your song 'Cast your Cares' spoke so DEEPLY to my family and I. Wow - the words were straight from the Fathers heart for us.... and the timing could not have been better. Within an hour of receiving it from you, we were all soaking in the living room... so touched and comforted by the Lord. We have been under great attack and desperately needed some refreshing. In fact, my dad was so blessed that he asked if I’d bring my computer and play the song at a pastors gathering in my city this morning... so sure enough, about 40 leaders were blessed by your music today... Including John Dawson, the President of YWAM... So thank you!! Many people have been very blessed just within my small circle of influence.
It is a joy to share your music." - Estee Zimmerman

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