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Don't Say No One Cares

Feeling like no one cares? Have you ever found yourself saying things like, “I feel like no one cares. No one cares about me at all.” Don’t say that - there IS someone who cares. No one ever cared for you and me like Jesus.

This prophetic song of the Lord expresses the Father’s heart of love towards us. Never doubt His love or believe that He is distant or afar off. He is closer than your very breath.

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Song Lyrics

Closer than your very breath
I am near to you (x2)
Dont say I'm far away (x2)
Coz I'm near to you (x2)
You're dear to Me
You're special to Me
You're precious to Me
Don't say I'm far away
You're dear to Me
Don't say that no one cares
You're precious to Me
You're special to Me
Don't say that no one hears
You're precious to Me
Don't say that no one cares
I care for you
Yes I care for you
I care for you
Though you feel far away
Don't say that I don't love you
Cause I do

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Song Notes

Have you ever said to yourself, “No one seems to care. I feel like no one really cares at all.” We have all been in places of discouragement where we have expressed feelings like this. But there is someone who cares. No one ever cared for you and me like Jesus did when He gave His life for us.

The Bible says that in Him we live and move and have our being. He is closer to us than our very breath. But sometimes we don’t feel like God is with us, or that anyone is with us. In some cases, when struggling with depression, we are tempted to believe that no one cares. When you are feeling like this you must choose to remember that Jesus has given us the Comforter, not just as a distant source of instruction to help us get over ourselves, but as an intimate friend who resides within us and knows our deepest hurts and longings, and shares our pain and sufferings.

This “Don’t say no one cares” song came one Sunday morning during the worship service. I felt there were people in the meeting that were feeling the distance that comes with guilt, misunderstanding, questions about life, insecurities abounding and a general sense of hopelessness. At times like this we need to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit speak to our hearts, “Don’t say I’m far away. Don’t say I don’t care. You’re special to me. You’re precious to me. I do care for you, more than you know.” And to feel the love of God in that moment, is all we really need to carry on and face the future, no matter how daunting or discouraging it may look. We put on a brave face, but we are fragile beings really, emotionally. God knows, and for those who need to know that He cares, and for those who know He cares but don’t want to admit it, I wrote this song.

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"I am greatly ministered to by your music. The song 'Don't Say' makes me fear nothing and gives me confidence to go on and trust God that He is ever with me."
- Lorna Kamwandi

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