This live spontaneous song is taken from our Father's Day meeting and includes a special encouraging word for fathers.

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Song Lyrics and Exhortation

The Father’s song
Hold me in your arms (repeats)

"You know there are so many fatherless. So many fatherless in our generation are crying out for a Father’s heart. Jesus came to reveal the Father. That was His mission in life. That was His purpose. Because in all their religion, they totally missed it. They totally misunderstood the Father’s heart and today there are still so many who misunderstand the heart of the Father. In the last book of the Old Testament, God said in the last days, He would restore the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers. We see so much misunderstanding and so much hurt in families. People who are supposed to love each other, hurt each other. And we don’t mean to, we just don’t have the revelation of the heart of the Father and we need that this Father’s day. We need the heart of the Father. So sing over us Lord..."

Sing over me the Father’s love (repeats)
Sing over me Your love

Most fathers don’t feel like they’ve been very good fathers. I would say most fathers feel they’ve failed some way and I feel the Lord wants to lift that from the men this morning. I feel the Lord would say “A perfect father?” There is only one good but God. So don’t take it too much to heart because you can’t carry the burden of guilt and be a father. So take it from here, rescue what can be rescued. Take what time is left to redeem the moment. Allow me to work through you. The heart of the Father. All is not lost. I came to redeem time. I came to redeem families. I came to redeem fathers. And their offspring. So look to me. Look to the rock from which you are hewn. I understand. I understand the heart of a father. I am one.

And my heart cries, for Your restoration
My heart yearns, Your restoration
So let me sing over you
The Father’s song (repeats)
My Father’s song (repeats)

You’ve given me a new heart
Given me a new heart like You
Heart like the Fathers (repeats)
I want to be like You
Want to be like my Father
Given me a new heart
A heart just like You
Want a heart like my father


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"So many fatherless in our generation are crying out for a Father’s heart"

Want to be like You
Give me a new heart
A heart of my father
Give me a new heart
I want to be like You
Want to be like my father

Sing it over me
If I want to be like You
I’ve got to know You
I want to know You
So I can be like You
I want to know You

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Song Notes

As might be expected from the song title, this song came during one of our Father’s Day services at church. We had just finished singing, “The Father’s Song” by Matt Redman, and continued in that vein developing a prophetic song and exhortation ministering to Fathers a word of encouragement. The heart of God longs for our restoration. God is a Father, and understands the hurt and pain felt by fathers. His cry for the last days is for restoration between father’s and their children. Terry Smith contributed with his sensitive guitar playing and prophetic prayer towards the end.

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