A Song of Faith and Praise - Based On Mark 11:22, 23, 24
Some years ago, our church held a Sunday evening prayer meeting which resulted in tremendous financial breakthrough for the church and its members. That same week God spoke to me about writing a song. The people needed something to listen to that would build their faith and renew their confidence that God was working on their case every day and promised to deliver.

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Song Lyrics

Have faith (x4) in God (Repeats)

Truly I say to you
Whoever says to this mountain be removed and be cast into the sea
Does not doubt in his heart but believes
And those things he says will come to pass
He will have whatever He says
Whatever he says he will have, will come to pass

Be removed (x2) And be cast into the sea (Repeats)
And does not doubt in his heart but believes
Do not doubt in your heart but believe
And those things will come to pass
whatever He says
Because he asks in Jesus name

And I have faith in Jesus Name
And I have faith in God
That when I pray He hears in Jesus name (Repeats)
And I have faith

Song Notes

The song itself was composed and sung spontaneously with the Bible in front of me to provide the lyrics - which I freely adapted, but as you can see it is very close to the original. Follow along in your Bible! ( Mark 11:22-24 ) Apart from the "chorus" - which I worked on a bit before pushing the record button - the entire song is spontaneous. This version is vocal and piano only, but I am at present in the middle of adding percussion, strings and other instrumental parts to beef it up a bit. The fully produced version you will be able to hear some time in the future, but this is the original live version.

The song is based on Mark 11:22-24 and because it is based on the Word of God contains the power to bring deliverance to all who hear it. It has a wonderful anointing. The song imparts, I believe, a supernatural ability to receive faith from God to meet your present need. It worked for us. So how about you? How are things in your life? Are you just bumping along day to day hoping things will somehow work out, or are you actively possessing the kingdom? I think it's easy for Christians over time to fall into a sort of passivity about things when answers to prayer are not immediately apparent. They don't want to raise their hopes too high for fear of yet another disappointment. So faith goes into hibernation, and sits on the shelf, waiting for something to re-activate its power.

Jesus encouraged us to "have faith", and I'm encouraging you to have it too! I believe you can believe again! Especially, if you have been through a crisis and are wondering how to have faith after a failure. The Bible says if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains (Luke 17:6). A little faith in God is enough to give you strength and courage to get through the hard times. So get yourself some believing by playing this song over and over until it gets in your spirit. Begin to speak forth those things that God has already given you in His Word. If you need health for your body, confess the Word. If you need to rebuke debt, confess the Word. If you need your kids back on the straight and narrow, confess the Word. If you need hope for the future in any area, the answer IS in believing and speaking HIS Word. "Those things YOU SAY will come to pass." It's God's Word, and "where the word of a king is, there is power!" (Proverbs)

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