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In the Name of Jesus

Are your prayers effective? There is power in praying in the name of Jesus. His name is higher than any other name. Every circumstance and need bows to His name. Why do we pray in Jesus name? John 14:13-14 (NIV) says "And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask anything in My name, I will do it."

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Song Lyrics

Hear my cry Lord… hear my cry…
When I call hear my cry (repeats)
Calling on Your name (repeats)

We’re here to call on Your name Lord
No other name (repeats) by which we must be saved
No other name (repeats) by which we must be healed

Let your healing touch, touch those who call on Your name
Let deliverance flow (repeats) to those who call on Your name
Let Your healing flow, let deliverance flow, let blessings flow to those who call on Your name.

Your name is higher than my need,
Your name is higher than my pain
Your name is higher than my lonliness
Your name is above every other thing that can be or ever will be named.
Your name is the high name
Your name is the trump card
Your name is the last call
Your name

Jesus (repeats) I bow to that name
I bow to that name, my need bows to that name, my pain bows to that name, my hurt bows to that name... the name of Jesus (repeats)
I bow my knee to that name (repeats) and all my needs bow to that name and every need bows to that name and every pain bows to that name and every hurt bows to that name, the name of Jesus (repeats)
Oh that name, ask in that name. I believe in that name.

Song Notes

This is a song about the power of praying in the name of Jesus. The song begins with a plaintive cry from the heart, for the Lord to hear our prayer. There is no other name that we can turn to in our hour of need. His name is the highest name. Every knee, every need, must bow to that name.

Towards the end of the song, Ray exhorted the people to come before God in prayer and receive the miracle they needed because there is great power in the name of Jesus. Here is the exhortation from the song....

"Every need that goes unmet is an affront to the name of Jesus. Every healing that is not met, that is not touched by the supernatural power of God, is an affront to the cross of Jesus Christ. Every lonely person, every hurting person, every desperate needy person, is a candidate for the love of Jesus this morning. Jesus said “I go to my Father. Up until now you have not asked anything in my name. But now I want you to ask in my name that your joy might be full.” He is assuming that if we ask in His name, the Father will hear our prayer. That’s why He says that your joy might be full. There is no joy in unanswered prayer. But there is... If you ask in Jesus name."

"It’s not about what you did, it's not about whether you’re worthy or not, it's about whether He is worthy and its about what He did, that gets your prayer answered. Now if you’ve come in your own efforts, in your own strength, in a sense of your own worth… you’ll go home empty handed. But if you ask in His name, every knee shall bow at that name, every mountain will be moved at that name, every need will be met in that name, every provision will be made in that name. There is not a single thing on earth that can stand before that name."

"Father we declare, Your name is ‘The name’ to which every single circumstance, every knee, every provision must bow this morning. Your name."

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