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I love God, and my greatest passion is to write songs for Him. People sometimes ask me why the name of Jesus is not mentioned more often in my songs. It’s something I never even thought about till someone asked me. I initially shrugged it off as an unusual question, but then someone asked me if I was saved! (Since I pastor a christian church here in Auckland, I did find that quite amusing!) But it is obviously an issue for a number of people, so I thought about the question at some length, then decided to write a brief article on the subject. All my songs are written in the hope that I might inspire people how to praise and worship Jesus Christ. I hope this article answers any questions anyone might have about the nature of the music they are listening to at The Secret Place.

The Song Writing Process

When I write a song, I rarely actually begin the process consciously. I am usually just sitting at my keyboard in prayer and worship, in a quite intimate setting, and it never occurs to me that I must make sure I include the holy name of Jesus in my conversation with Him, because I am talking to Him personally and He knows I belong to Him and we have sweet fellowship together. I usually use the name “Father” or “Lord” in my song lyrics, but this is simply a personal choice. Yes, I believe in Jesus, but I usually address Father God in prayer because that is how Jesus taught us to pray - to the Father, in His name. (“Our Father, who art in heaven …” ) In any case, because the Godhead is a trinity, whenever I sing to God, in my mind I am addressing all three - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Because Jesus taught us to pray to the Father in His name, in most of my worship songs to God I address the Father, but I also use “Lord” very frequently. In any case, because He is my Saviour and lives inside me, in my heart, Jesus is in every song, even if His Name is not.

The name of Jesus in the songs of The Secret Place

For the record, I do have several songs with Jesus in them, songs that refer specifically to the name Jesus. Here are a few examples:

There's Power in the Name of Jesus (Rise Up album - watch on YouTube)
I Really Need You (Pursuit of His Presence album)
Jesus (“Precious saviour” on the Highways to Zion album)
So Good to be Here ( The Secret Place 2 - Passionate Pursuit album)
In the Name of Jesus - a song about the power of praying in Jesus' name.

The intimate nature of the songs of The Secret Place

Another reason my songs do not have the name of Jesus mentioned prominently is because a lot of my songs are songs of prayer, and I am talking to God directly. When you talk about someone, to someone else, you use their name so people know who you are talking about. For example,  "I saw (person's name) yesterday and they were doing such and such...." 

A lot of contemporary christian music is music about Jesus Christ, and so His name is mentioned in the song because the song is about Him. But if you are addressing someone personally in a natural conversation, you do not usually refer to their name because you are talking with them. What would my wife think for example if our conversation around the evening meal table went something like this..

Pam would you pass me the salt please. How was your day? How did things go at the bank? Pam, did you talk to the bank manager or ..."

A more natural and genuine conversation is more likely to go something like this...

"Honey can you pass the salt? .. your day went OK? and the bank, what happened there ... did you talk to the manager?"
My wife's name is not mentioned once. This example serves to illustrate that in intimate relationships you can spend hours in conversation and not even mention your loved ones name. Often terms of endearment can easily replace the actual name. My own experience is that non-usage of a person's actual birth name is actually quite normal in intimate relationships. Non-use of a persons name then is not necessarily indicative of a lack of relationship or knowledge of the person concerned, but can in fact be quite the opposite – it is a sign of intimacy.

The songs of The Secret Place, may not specifically mention the name of Jesus, but this is due to the very intimate nature of the songs, and not because the author does not have a relationship with Jesus Christ, or because the songs are not addressed to Him. Jesus said you would know a tree by it's fruit. Do you feel His presence when you listen to the songs? His name may not be in the lyrics, but it is my sincere prayer that His Presence fills the room.

The name of Jesus is used every day in a way that does not honour or glorify His name. Usage of the name in itself does not necessarily honour Him or bring His presence. Would you rather have the mere mention of the name of Jesus, or the manifestation of His name? Would you rather have mention of a loved one's name or the reality of their presence?

If you would like to add the name of Jesus to the lyrics of the song, then I encourage you to do so  as you participate in the worship experience, since the music of The Secret Place is not meant to be a solo performance, but merely as an aid to others in their own personal worship.

If you do not know Jesus personally, and have not yet made a decision for Him, I encourage you to seek out a Bible believing church and find someone who can help you.

I also encourage you to spend some time listening to the songs on this site - they are all written from a heart in love with Jesus. My prayer is that you will fall in love with Him too.

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