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Your Grace is Enough for Me

A song about the grace, rest and love of God being sufficient for every situation we go through, giving us strength to walk through the storms. Regardless of our experiences in life, Jesus promised He would never leave us. His presence with us is what makes it possible to endure all things, because He perfects His strength in us even in our weakness. When we feel inadequate, when we are facing failure, when we feel we are losing our grip – He holds on to us. His saving grace is enough to carry us through.

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Song Lyrics

Your grace is enough for me
Your love is enough for me
Your grace is enough for me
Your rest is enough for me
Your love is enough for me
Your grace is enough for me

You send Your rain on the just
You send Your goodness upon the unjust (Repeats)
Surely You pour your goodness out on me
Surely the Lord is good to me
Love You Lord
Build You a house of prayer
Build You a house of worship
Build You a house
A dwelling place for Your presence Lord
Come and be with us

Truly this is a gateway to heaven
Truly this is the house of God (Repeats)

Song Notes

I have written two songs called "Your grace", but they are quite different from each other. One is a properly composed song found on the "Throne of love" album, the other is a completely spontaneous song captured live during one of our sunday morning worship services at Pursuit. The spontaneous version is the one found on this page. None of the words, chords or melody you hear were conceived beforehand. The song begins simply then a harmony part is added as the singers become more familiar with the direction of the song.

The first half of the song features a repetition of the main melody and the theme of grace and mercy. The song then transitions into a second section about God’s goodness and building Him a dwelling place in our hearts, a house of prayer through thanksgiving and worship. This is the gateway to heaven – our worship, for it is through worship that we create a gateway into His presence. Truly this is the house of God, when we – members of His Body – yield our vessels to Him in worship. As He comes to fill us with the fullness of Christ, we become the household of God, the embodiment of His anointing in the earth. Heaven meets earth in us, His people.

I hope you feel the grace, the love, and the rest imparted from His presence as you listen to this song.

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