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You're Worthy To Be Praised Lord

Hallelujah He is worthy to be praised! Listening to this song helps bring you into the Presence of God. Angels and cherubim bow down to Him and all of heaven worships Him. This song brings a greater awareness of our privilege in worshiping Him, for He is worthy!

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Song Lyrics

You're worthy to be praised Lord (x2)
You're worthy to be praised (x2)

I will lift my hands in worship (x2)
Angels and cherubim bowing down to Him
Worship the Lamb on His throne
Power and majesty all belongs to Him
You're worthy
You're worthy to be praised Lord (Repeats)

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Song Notes

I chose to make the treatment of the song very simple – just vocal and keyboard, because I didn’t want to distract the listener from a focus of what it must be like to stand in the presence of God in the company of millions of angels, cherubim, seraphim and other heavenly beings of every description, all worshipping Him who is the source of all creation, all beauty and love and everything magnificent in this world or any other world. The mystery of life. The origin of everything. To be there, in His presence – it must be an awesome event. And to think one day I will know even as I am known, to no longer see through a glass darkly, to have every tear wiped away and know nothing but pure unquenchable joy in His presence. Despite the trials of this life, the hardships and unresolved questions, I know in my inner most being, that in that moment, I will have the uttermost conviction, that He is worthy.

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