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How To Clear Cookies & Cache

Solves Most Internet Related Problems

If you are still having problems placing an order or downloading, I recommend you clear the cookies and temporary internet files from your internet browser, and if necessary reboot your computer. This will help remove any problems from your previous internet session. This is safe to do. Follow the instructions for your browser below carefully. If you do it correctly the first time you will only have to do it once. It should only take a few minutes, and solves many internet / computer related problems. Also see below about rebooting your computer and security issues.

Before you do anything:
- I recommend you save this page under your "favorites" so you know how to find this web site again.
- Close all windows except this one.

Internet Explorer 7 And Up

  • Go to Tools / Internet Options / General
  • Go to where it says "Browsing History" and click delete. It will not delete anything yet but will give you a range of choices.
  • Choose to delete cookies and temporary internet files.

Internet Explorer 6

  • Go to Tools / Internet Options / General / Delete cookies
  • Now delete temporary internet files
  • Press OK

Mozilla Firefox

  • Go to Tools / Options / Privacy
  • Look under "Private data" and click "Settings"
  • Make sure "Cookies" is selected and click OK
  • Click "Clear now"

Rebooting Your Computer

Sometimes rebooting your computer can also help solve problems, but before you reboot write down the web address of the page you have having problems on so that you can go back there after the reboot. After rebooting open your internet browser and go to the page you wrote down. Hold down the Ctrl key and press F5 to refresh the page.

Security Issues

Sometimes a computer has a security program that blocks cookies. Make sure the firewall cookie settings are not set too high. If you're still having problems of this nature try disabling the firewall temporarily.