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For answers to general questions about the ordering process, please see the following help file:

How To Order

Personal Assistance

If you are having problems placing your order we will be happy to talk you through the process. For live, personal assistance call:

+ 649 832 2289
(New Zealand)

If you live in the USA, we are approx 5 hours behind California. Call us in the afternoon or late evening your time.

Email Us

If you have unanswered questions feel free to send us an email. We usually respond within 24 hours:

General Questions

Ordering Assistance

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How To Order

Step By Step Instructions for Ordering Online

"What a beautiful site to be billed from!!! Easy to navigate. Everything had a drop down box for explanation. Absolutely "idiot proof". Loved it." - Angie McRobie, Dunedin, New Zealand

This page contains instructions for completing the checkout process when purchasing product online. If you have never done this before and are unsure about using your credit card online, we recommend you read this page first. Click Here

The Shopping Cart

Step by Step Instructions for Ordering Online

The following are step by step instructions for walking through the shopping cart process of ordering product online.

Choose Your Product

Firstly, choose your product at the online store or choose the Download & Donate offer.

After you click “Add to cart” or "Pay Now" you will begin the checkout process.

1. Review Cart

The first stage of the shopping cart process is to review your cart. Use the "Quantity" column to remove or change the quantity of a product. Click “Return to Shopping” to continue shopping or click "Continue to Shipping Information" to proceed to the next stage in the checkout process.

2. Shipping Information

Fill in your shipping information. This is where you want your product shipped to (applicable for physical product).
Next click "Continue to Shipping Method".

3. Shipping Method

Select the shipping method you would like.
Then click "Continue to Billing Information".

4. Billing Information

Please note that the information you enter here must be the same as that associated with your credit card. For example you must use the correct billing address. (This is the address where your credit card statement is sent.)

To ensure that your order is properly processed, please enter a valid email address and phone number.

If your billing information is the same as your shipping information then leave the box checked and click "Continue to Payment Method".

If your billing information is different from your shipping information then uncheck the box and fill in the billing information. Then click "Continue to Payment Method".

5. Payment Method

If using a credit/debit card for payment then enter your credit card number, Expiration Date and CVV Code.
Next click "Submit Payment".

If using PayPal for payment then click on the PayPal tab and then click "Continue to PayPal".

MasterCard Users Please Note: If you are using MasterCard you must choose the PayPal option when purchasing. Once you have chosen PayPal you will be given the option of making payment with your MasterCard.

Finalize Your Order

This is a very important step. Your payment has been processed but you now must click the "Finalize Your Order" button to complete the shopping cart process.

If you are purchasing an Album Download or Download & Donate, this button will take you to the page from which you can access your downloads. If you are buying a CD, this button will confirm your order. All orders will receive a confirmation email.


You have now finished the ordering process. Enjoy your music!


If you need help or would like someone to walk you through placing your order online, just give us a call: 649 832 2289

By Ray Watson