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"I love the anointing of God that pours forth from your heart... There are only a few music ministers that have impacted me to the degree that you have."

- Pastor Richard Liptak, Aliquippa, PA, USA

"I absolutely love the music. I do a 'soak night' at my church each week and am always looking for new pure worship to play. Your songs are truly wonderful ...they are full of anointing and I know many will come closer as they worship through the music."

- B. Henderson

“I am a facilitator for a Soaking Prayer Centre in our church... We love Seek My Face... I play it at our Soaking Prayer Center at the church and many of our 'soakers' really like it. It is anointed and I have had some awesome visions of angels and God's glory while worshipping with it in the background.”

- Ont. Canada

Secret Place Ministries - International music ministry of Ray Watson

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Examples of Ray's Music

Click the play button on each player to listen to an example of Ray's music ministry.

Sons of God

This song epitomizes the ministry style of Ray with its intertwining of music and exhortation from the keyboard.

This song captures the cry of the human heart during a time of loss and grief. It encourages us to stay connected to the Father during the night seasons, even when our heart is hurting.

For the first four and a half minutes Ray shares from his heart; encouraging us to lean in to the heart of the Father especially during times of uncertainty, grief and disappointment. Ray then starts to minister through song from the keyboard expressing God's tender mercies towards His children. The song exhorts us during times of disappointment to not let our hearts drift away in the process.

It's in the Blood

This song is a prophetic spontaneous song about the blood of Jesus and His sacrifice for our redemption. We are now in a new covenant with God; one built on His grace and forgiveness.

Ray leads a time of communion and prophetic declarations as he exhorts and sings from the keyboard. Through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, we have received eternal forgiveness and redemption. Judgement is not our portion, but grace and mercy because of His blood.



What Others Have Said

"Jan and I have been blessed by Ray Watson's worship music and songs for many years. I would say that he has reached a point in worship that very few others have achieved. Ray's worship takes you right into the throne room and the presence of God."

- Dr. Col & Jan Stringer - Australian president of ICFM, international minister and author of 20 Christian books.

"I love the anointing on your project. You have definitely found a stream in the River. It will undoubtedly bless many people."

- Judy Gossett - Grammy award winning producer who has worked with Andrae Crouch, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and others.

"The Lord says you have entered into a realm now with God. There are new songs coming forth. And I see a connection between heaven and earth and some of your greatest works that you put your hand to, to deliver the song of the Lord … And I see words lined with gold .... And I see music notes lined with gold because they are of the glory realm. The Lord says as your music is being played, I see a room filled with people connecting with God in a new way. Life transforming moments, because of what you are birthing."

- Patricia King, XP Ministries, USA

"You now have a responsibility to take the grace message to New Zealand."

- Joseph Prince, New Creation Church, Singapore

"Ray is a worshiper with a passion for the presence of God. His music draws us into the experience he is having with God, and provides an atmosphere where we, too, can have our own unique experience with Him."

- Rob Packer, XP Ministries, New Zealand


Referrals from Other Ministries

Col Stringer

+61 7 5522 7367

Rob Packer

+64 9 833 6873