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"Words cannot adequately express the way I’m ministered to as I listen and enter into worship with your songs."

- Donna Yoder, Florida, USA

"You are one of the most anointed music ministers I have ever heard. This must be something like what the music sounds like in heaven."

- Monique Steinman, USA

"It evokes such passion for Him and brings to the surface the yearning of the heart... I just love to leave them playing continually."

- Paulette, Ohio, USA


"What a joy to see that your heart has been to lean on Jesus's chest and hear His heartbeat and to teach others how to do the same. It's the place of much fruitfulness, that intimacy."

- Anita Hyde, Jacksonville, FL, USA

"Honestly I have not heard a compilation of worship songs of this kind for years. .. I played them and everything around me changed. I felt like I was out of this world."

"Your music is truly unique. Some of the songs have such a quality of childlike purity and innocent devotion while others stir the deepest longings of our soul for "more of Him"... This music beautifully and passionately helps to pave the way for us to give expression to some of those deep longings of our soul."

- Shirley Chan

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3 Album Special


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Take advantage of our free bonus album special.


Purchase both Deep Calls to Deep and O4eyes2C   (includes a 30% discount on O4eyes2C)

  deep calls to deep



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My guitarist friend Peter Robertson left behind some of his exquisite instrumental albums and told me I could do whatever I wanted with them. We usually only sell his product as a digital download. However while stocks last, you can get one of his instrumental CDs for free! These special copies we will give away free to people who take advantage of our Bonus Album Special. - Ray

Free Bonus Album Special

Do you find it difficult to pray?

Does your mind have a tendency to wander when you do?

Would you like to sense more of His presence when you pray?

Deep Calls to Deep - Soaking Music for Contemplative Prayer and Worship

Deep Calls to Deep


Just Released!

This anointed, gentle soaking music captures the heart's longing for a more intimate encounter with God.

Alternating between brief moments of prayerful expressions of the heart and longer instrumental interludes, this album is an excellent aid for contemplative prayer. The music is not overly intrusive and can be considered as background music for whatever purpose the listener has in mind.



Click here to listen to this album.



$19.95   $13.98

Double the value - DVD plus Worship CD!

With the trademark touch of intimate worship, O4eyes2c captures our longing to know more deeply the love of our Creator. An inspiring artistic journey combining painting, music and spontaneous dance.

Beautifully presented - makes a great gift!
Watch the DVD preview.

"I found the whole creative experience intriguing yet extremely peaceful and relaxing. It made me feel at rest and sense the presence of God... Ray's best work yet." - Peter Robertson (Worship Ministries International)

"The whole message of the CD is the Father's love inside and out and addressing the whole idea of HOW GOOD GOD IS." - Susan McGregor, Japan



Click here to listen to this album.

Instrumental Soaking CD - FREE


$0.00  FREE!

This easy listening music features gentle acoustic guitar and piano, with laid-back melodies and the occassional soft sax. Let the music quieten you as you rest in a peaceful ambience.



Click here to listen to this album.

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$28.96  Three Album Special

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3 Album Special


Anointed, restful, healing music.


What Other People Say...

"I could seriously feel God's peace ..."
- Kevin Kellogg, Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA

"The music of heaven that you flow with creates an atmosphere that attracts the Holy Spirit ..."
- Pastor Pamela Norris, Word of Christ Church International, Kursk, Russia

"I was spiritually dehydrated and I was serving God in my own strength. ...Your music has truly touched my life."
- Olivia Hyer - Brandon, FL, USA


Give more than just the gift of music...


Create a peaceful, restful atmosphere in your home, work or car.


Let His Presence take away all the stress life can bring.



Order now! $28.96 Three Album Special

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Backed by our No Risk Guarantee


Our no risk guarantee allows you to return
product to us within 30 days for a full refund.


"Every note that is played, every word that is sung seems to carry the presence of God" - Crossrhythm.co.uk

"There is a sound that comes from heaven that feeds man's spirit" - Suzy Mitchell, Worship Leader, The Father's House, IN, USA
More Reviews

A testimony from a satisfied customer who bought the 3-Album Special, then placed an order for another one.

"I gave o4eyes2c as a gift to my teacher friend and her daughter, who is a dancer. .... I intend to use the new one I purchased, at a women's day retreat next month. When I first played 'Deep Calls to Deep', I just wept....it was so beautiful.... I invited another friend, who has been going through a very difficult time, to come for a time with the Lord. We put 'Deep Calls to Deep' on ... It was wonderful how the Lord ministered and spoke to her. ....So of course she too would like Deep calls to Deep. Ray's music touches the soul. Each time I listen there is something the Lord speaks."