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Dancing in Your Grace

Have you experienced His unending grace? His abounding love overflowing towards you is immeasurable. There is an abundance of grace! There are rivers of love to swim in! Sometimes we can easily feel that we have used up all we deserve of God’s love for us, and we no longer qualify. The Bible tells us that His mercy is “new every morning.” He creates a fresh batch of mercy for you every day, just in case you used it all up yesterday!

Here is a prophetic song that came one Sunday morning as we were worshipping together as a church. A wonderful sense of God’s overflowing grace embraced us, and we found ourselves “dancing in His unending grace and love”

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Song Lyrics

I’m swimming in your rivers of love, I’m dancing in your grace. (x2)
Dancing (repeats) .... I’m dancing in your love (Repeats)

I’m swimming, swimming in your rivers of love (x2)
I’m dancing (repeats)... I'm dancing to your tune of love

I’m dancing in your rivers of love
I’m dancing to the things of love, wont you dance with me (x2)
Won't you dance in my rivers of love

Won't you dance with me (x2) Wont you dance in my rivers of love (repeats)

Take my hand, dance with me my love
Dance with me (repeats) take my hand my love
Love with me, dance with me, rejoice with me my love

Hear the voice of love in our land, hear the voice of love
Time to dance, time to sing, time to rejoice
Dance (repeats)... dance to my love


“Father we want to thank you that we can dance on your mountain top this morning, we can swim in your river of love, we can bathe in your grace this morning because that’s who You are. You are the ultimate mountain top experience. There are rivers of love flowing from the heart of Jesus towards every person. You just want to dance with us Lord. In our hearts we’re dancing with You this morning.”

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Song Notes

It’s unending. It never comes to a close. You cannot exaggerate the goodness of God. His love for you is so overwhelming He sent His Son to the cross to be rejected by both man and God, so He could gather you into His arms again. He leaves the ninety-nine and goes after the one. His eyes scan the horizon every day for the prodigal’s return. His heart breaks for the wicked, and takes no pleasure in their death. His wrath is against sin, but His love is for the sinner. He has gone to extraordinary lengths to make it possible for you to be reconciled to Himself. The ocean cannot hold the depths of His love, and the furthest galaxy is never too far for His reach. As far as the east is from the west your sins have been removed. There is a north pole and a south pole and the distance can be calculated. But the distance between east and west is immeasurable, because it never ends. His forgiveness knows no end.

During the composition of this song (a live prophetic spontaneous song) I was aware of this boundless love of God, and how all-encompassing it was. I felt a freedom and exhilaration that was indescribable because the grace and extravagant love of God super-abounds anything we can imagine. I felt I was dancing with Him - dancing in open fields of His grace, dancing in overflowing rivers of His love. He offered me His hand as a dance partner in life. My joyous response to this invitation resulted in us both enjoying the “pleasure of this dance.”

The podcast is quite long (10 minutes or so) but I wanted to keep it that length so anyone wanting to use the song as background music for a ministry dance class or soaking event would have enough material to do so. It was initially just a keyboard with two vocalists, and a very creative electric guitar. A feature of this song is the multiple layers of looping guitar tracks created spontaneously by the guitarist (Terry Smith) during the performance. There is the initial introductory simple “dance-like” phrase of melody which repeats throughout the entire song forming the basic loop upon which everything else is built. There are various special ethereal guitar effects which are incorporated into subsequent layers of looping, and rhythmic strumming and lead guitar is added on top as the song builds. A lot of what may sound like post production orchestration, is actually just one guitar player spontaneously creating a compounding series of recorded loops during the single performance. The entire song is built over a tonic pedal, which made adding a bass part interesting! Later other instrumentation and percussion was added to give the performance a little more colour and interest. I hope you enjoy the dance! Don’t forget, He’s your partner too!

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