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Did You Think that I Have Favorites

What does God think about women? As a godly woman, you are His handmaiden and precious to Him. He calls you one of His favorites!

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Song Lyrics

Did you think that I have favorites in my family
Do you know that you are a jewel in my crown
For I look upon the heart of my handmaiden and I’m proud

So hold your head up high
You’re a daughter of mine
My plans are good and not broken

And the words that I have spoken
Will not fall to the ground
Till you and I have found who you and I are meant to be in Me

Not a word will fall
That I have called
And you will see the goodness of your God
Daughter of mine
Favorite of mine

Smile on me
Smile on me
Favour of God shine on me

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Song Notes

This spontaneous song came forth during one of our meetings at Pursuit. It is a prophetic encouragement to godly women, that they are valued and precious in the sight of God.

Historically, women have been one of the most oppressed demographic groups in the world. In some cultures they are no more than servants to be bought and sold and have very little social status or rights afforded to them.


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"You are unique, greatly loved and precious in My sight."

Even in Christian marriage today where couples are joined together as “joint heirs of the grace of life” (1 Pet. 3:7), the woman is often subservient to the role of her husband. In many churches today, the pastor's wife is not seen to be given the honor she deserves.

Women throughout the world have had to fight for the right to be given a voice, to speak on their own behalf, to be recognised as equals. They are gifted personalities with dreams and callings that often go unfulfilled.

God cares about women. They are precious to Him. Does God have favorites? The song does not answer this question directly, though it can be taken either way. In the opening section of the song the answer would seen to be, “no, I do not have favorites”. God is no respecter of persons. He loves men and women equally. This must surely mean He cares about women being treated with respect and given the same rights and opportunities afforded men.

At the end of the song, the answer would seem to be, “yes, I do have my favorites – and YOU are one of them!” You are unique, greatly loved, and precious in My sight. You are the apple of My eye, My desire, and My favor shines on you.

I hope the heart of God for women can be heard in this song. If you are one of those who has felt the oppression of a society, religion or culture simply because you are a woman, I hope you hear the heart-beat of the One in whose image you also have been made.

“I am looking to women again to bring forth to birth what will change a generation”. (Prophetic word from the Lord given by musician/prophet Kim Clement in 2007).

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