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"The first time I listened to your music on the web, I felt so much peace and was so relaxed."

- Julia Parker, Illinois, USA

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Enjoy refreshingly original instrumental background music by Peter Robertson. Would you like to give your customers a fresh experience while at your business? Would you like them to shop longer in your store? A simple change in music can enhance their experience with your business. These instrumentals are an excellent choice for businesses that want to create a relaxed environment yet keep it interesting. Download piped music, weather music, muzak, elevator lift music - perfect for music on hold. This instrumental elevator music can be played over and over again without one getting tired of it.

The strums of acoustic guitar gently woven together with the accompaniments of piano and saxophone makes for pleasant yet professional background music for your business. Use it as on hold music to keep your customers happy while waiting. Listen to the easy and interesting style of these tracks in our online player.

This music has a therapeutic effect of soothing the soul as you listen. Create a peaceful atmosphere. Let the soft, slow melodies take the stress out of your day.

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Instrumental Background Music

If you are wanting to play instrumental music while at work, home or while shopping - these songs are the best! Want some new music that has the power to lighten your mood and improve your day at your work place? The arrangements of acoustic guitar, piano and saxophone in these instrumentals create a peaceful yet professional atmosphere, without intruding on your thoughts.

Restful instrumental music will help you slow down long enough to smell the roses as you journey through life. Use this music to relieve pressure from work or study. It is also ideal for churches, web pages, blogs, restaurants and cafes. These instrumental CDs by Peter Robertson are sure to provide a restful and enjoyable environment in any situation.

Own a Business?

Play this music to bring peace and rest to your surroundings and create an enjoyable environment for your customers. Read the article below about the influence of music on customer buying habits.

Background Music Peace CD

Background Music - Peace CD

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This instrumental song "Rest" is from the album Deep Calls to Deep. Click here for purchasing options.

The Influence of Music in Customers Buying Habits

Background music is everywhere you go. It is in supermarkets, department stores, airports, elevators, even in office reception areas and some hospitals waiting rooms. Without background music, some of those places – supermarkets, for example – would probably feel weird. Good restaurants and hotels, of course, have always had some background music.

The names of the music vary. It is most commonly simply called background music. But it is also called elevator music, muzak, piped music, weather music and lift music. But whatever name you choose to call it, background music is popular in business because it adds a nice feel to any place where strangers mingle. That is one reason why this website stocks a wide variety of background music for business owners and managers looking to make their businesses more customer-friendly.

But background or elevator music is also about increasing sales. It is a business investment. As retail marketers have long shown in numerous studies and experiments, music actually increases store sales.

How Background Music Improves Business

An incredibly large number of retail marketing studies – such as this one reported by the European Journal of Scientific Research – have long found that different kinds of music affect consumer behaviour in peculiar ways. For example, fast paced and loud music makes customers move through a supermarket faster while slow, soft music makes customers take their time in the store. People waiting in line for service find the waiting to be shorter that it really is when there is background music.

Even the type of music matters. Classical music in wine stores, for instance, has been shown to make customers buy more expensive wine. One study by the Association of Consumer Research even showed that a store could improve sales by playing different types of music in different parts of a store. Apparently, customers looking to buy certain goods are motivated to buy by different types of music.

Some businesses also use background music as a marketing tool. They insert messages and subtle promotions in the music, usually by employees or hired professionals, to guide customers to certain products or introduce new products.

Different Types of Background Music

Background music is not any one type of music. In fact, any type of music can be made background music by remaking it to match the tempo and instrumental needs of a business environment. Some businesses even use straight-up popular music as background music.

But as marketing studies have progressively shown, some types of music are better suited to business than others. Music with acoustic guitar, piano and saxophone combinations, for example, are better at creating the relaxed, happy and secure feeling that business want in their premises. Whatever your business line, chances are you will find background music to suit your needs here on this website.

There is, too, an increasing variety of music that is being developed specifically for business environments. The music developed this way is either known by the name of its developers – such as Muzak – or by the name of the places where it is played. It is not unusual, for example, to hear music named after a large departmental store or a fast-food chain. In some cases, background music is also named after the method they are played in a store, such as piped or streaming music.

The bottom line however is that all background music – whether designer made or original – works by motivating customers to patronize a business. If you want customers to linger in your store, you have to choose music that is different from the store that would prefer the customer traffic moved faster. And in either case, this is the place to find your kind of music.

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