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"...some nights sleep doesn't come easy and on goes the head phones (listening to your music). Before I know it, morning has broken... peace has been with me through the night"

- William & Bonnie Gore, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

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Sleeping Music

Sleep music


Sleep Music

Soft Music for a Peaceful Restful Nights Sleep

Not getting enough sleep? Are you tired but can't get your mind to stop racing? Unwind with this peaceful sleep music by Peter Robertson. Our sleeping music is sure to help you relax at night. With its comforting melodies and laid back tunes, you will find it is perfect soft music to sleep by.

Invest in your health and well-being by getting a restful nights sleep with the help of this music.

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On an average, adults need around 8 hours of sleep a night but most of us find it hard to get these hours in. The benefits of getting a restful nights sleep are well known - the enhancing of growth and rejuvenation of your body. If you find yourself irritable, tired or lacking energy, it might be that you just need more sleep.

If you don't know how to get restful sleep, use this music to quickly relax your mind and drift off to sleep with these soothing sounds. This sleep music will help you get a full nights rest, leaving you refreshed and ready for the new day. Have a listen to the music on our online player and let your cares be washed away to these restful tunes. The arrangement of the music creates an environment of beauty and tranquility for a pleasant sleeping experience.

Music for Sleep

Gentle Acoustic Guitar And Piano Sleeping Music

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The gentle strums of Peter Robertson's guitar, with the accompaniment of piano, makes for beautiful soft music that is great to relax and fall asleep to. Listen to these soft instrumental songs and experience peace and rest.

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This instrumental song "Rest" is from the album Deep Calls to Deep. Click here for purchasing options.

Music for Sleep

Is there any science behind the idea that music makes it easier to sleep? Or that music makes sleep deeper and more relaxing?

The accepted science is that, on average, we all need between 7 and 8 of sleep every night to function at our best during the day. It is also well established that adequate sleep not only rests the body but also improves our cognitive abilities such as learning, remembering and solving problems.

Lots of us, of course, do our sleeping without any musical help, and often manage just fine with a few hours less – or more – than the recommended sleep dosage.

It is, however, not unusual for people to have sleep problems. You may have experienced it. You are in bed, all ready to sleep, but you just can’t switch off. Or you sleep fitfully through the recommended 8 hours only to wake up feeling tired. If it happens too often, you could begin wondering whether you have a sleep disorder – and lose more sleep thinking about that.

Actually, the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes estimates are that 40 million Americans suffer chronic sleep disorders and another 20 million experience occasional troubled sleep.

The Science of Music and Sleep

Relax. It is normal to take long to fall asleep or not to sleep well if you are fatigued, tired or stressed out. And it is true that music can help put you to sleep in those difficult nights.

Scientific studies from across the world have long shown that certain types – not all types – of music make it easier to sleep, and greatly improves the quality of sleep. An example is the study by the US National Institute of Health that tested 96 students with sleep complaints. The results of the study, reported here by the US National Library of Medicine, found that music significantly improved sleep quality and decreased depressive symptoms.

The study also narrowed down the sleep inducing music to one type of music: slow classical music.

The scientific explanation is that music that does not intrude into your thoughts, such as slow instrumental music, decreases your blood pressure, heart and respiratory rate. This in turn relaxes your muscles and distracts your mind from thinking, leading you gently into slumber land.

Interestingly, while the link between music and sleep is undisputed, there is no one accepted scientific reason why we need sleep in the first place. There are several theories – explained here in detail by a Harvard Medical School paper – but, apparently, scientists are yet to agree on a single primary function of sleep.

Sleep Disorders and Music

Music is a proven sleep inducer in people having sleep problems as a result of fatigue and manageable stress. But there are extreme cases of sleep problems that are classified as medical disorders that require medical therapy. According to sleepfoundation.org, for example, there are at least 16 types of sleep disorders, ranging from behavior disorders like sleep walking to sleep pattern disorders, body movement disorders, excessive daytime sleepiness and the most famous of them all, insomnia’s habitual sleeplessness.

It is therefore best to seek professional medical advice if you have been experiencing routine and acute lack of sleep, extreme body movements while you are asleep or too much sleepiness during the day.

But for most people struggling with sleepless nights, there is a simple solution... the right type of music will help put you to sleep! Literally. Check out our selection of beautiful, relaxing instrumental music to help you find sleep when you need it.

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