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If you just need general instructions on how to download mp3s, see the following help file:

How To Download

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Downloading Help

Support For Downloading 5 Free songs

This page is for people who have subscribed to our Newsletter - Musical Manna and the 5 free songs but have been unable to access the downloads page or download the mp3s.

No password required.

Where are the free songs? I subscribed but nothing happened.

There are 5 free downloads immediately available from the website by subscribing to The Secret Place newsletter -
Musical Manna - 5 Free Songs.

When you enter your email address into the subscription box on this page, you are taken to another page that acknowledges receipt of your request to subscribe to The Secret Place newsletter, "Musical Manna." YOU MUST CLICK ON "OK" in order to be taken to the downloads page.

If you have already subscribed using your email address, simply subscribe again. You will be taken to a page with a message saying that you are already subscribed. Simply click "OK" at the end of that message and you will be taken to the downloads page.

IMPORTANT - To ensure you receive the monthly Musical Manna newsletter with the free song download, we recommend you add our email address contact@secretplaceministries.org to your whitelist to prevent it from being caught in your spam filter.

You may unsubscribe at any time.

Many of these free downloads are archived on this page Musical Manna.

You can subscribe to the podcast directly from iTunes Subscribe to podcast.

General download problems

If you are experiencing any problems downloading the files I recommend you read through the following instructions -
How to download.
This usually solves most customers problems. Especially make sure you follow the instructions for clearing cookies.

Listen for free

You can freely listen to song clips from any album simply by clicking on the album cover from our Online Store page.

We have several Listening Journeys you can participate in where you can listen to full-length files for free.

To listen to full-length files of the music of The Secret Place on online radio stations, click on a link below.
Listen to Christian Music Online
Soaking Music on internet radio

Watch free videos with The Secret Place music on our youtube channel.