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Sales assistant advice on choosing a cd

"I realise that choosing music for yourself or as a gift for someone else is a very personal thing. However, if you’re not sure which album to buy, having a sales assistant with good product knowledge can be really helpful in pointing you in the right direction. Since I personally wrote all the songs, I hope I can be of some help to you …" -


Download & Donate

Firstly, I want to say that I love the songs the Lord has given me, and one of the greatest joys I have in life is to bless people with the music He has entrusted to me. So if your budget is small, or you would like an introduction to the music of The Secret Place covering a wide range of musical styles, I have made it possible for you to have a selection of 43 songs from 6 albums at a price you can afford. You set the price.
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Online Store

If you prefer to have more control over what you buy, or you prefer to purchase physical cds, then the online store is for you. There are a variety of albums available and you can purchase them as physical cds, or download them in digital mp3 format.
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Advantages of cd versus mp3

The advantages of having the physical cd:

• You have something solid you can show someone or take with you.
• It has a lyric sheet, credits, production notes and other information printed on the art work.
• It also means you don’t have to worry about the download process if that is something you are reluctant to do.

The advantages of purchasing the digital album:

• It is cheaper and there are no shipping charges. (Shipping costs are US$9.50 for the first cd then $2.50 extra for additional cds)
• You can download the album immediately after your purchase (remember to click on the link at the end of the transaction!)
• You can still burn a home made cd later yourself if you want to.
• All our music is easily accessed via iTunes or other digital download partners.

The Shopping Cart Experience

Whether you choose to purchase the physical cd or download the digital album,
the online shopping cart is guaranteed SAFE & SECURE. More info

The shopping cart process is simple and easy to use, even for the complete novice. More info

Here are a few comments from previous customers:

"What a beautiful site to be billed from!!! Easy to navigate. Everything had a drop down box for explanation. Absolutely "idiot proof". Loved it."
- Angie McRobie, Dunedin, New Zealand


"I recently placed an order with The Secret Place but the cds got lost in the post. I notified them that I had not received my order and they immediately took care of the problem by shipping the cds again at no charge. Thank you for great service.”
- Terry Rubel, Lewisville, OH, USA

Choosing Your CD

Soaking Music

Most of our albums make great soaking music but check out the following:
- Deep calls to Deep
- Pursuit of His Presence
- Seek My Face
- Pete's instrumentals


- 2 albums by Ray and 3 by Peter Robertson

Free Worship (includes singing in the spirit)

Several albums have this feature, but see Pursuit of His Presence.


- Seek My Face bulk discount
- 3 album special

Here are a few brief hints regarding each of the albums in the store, and some things to consider, depending on what you are looking for.

Seek My Face

If you are looking for just ONE album – for personal worship and soaking – we sell more of Seek My Face than any other album. It is the first in The Secret Place series, and the first cd produced in my own home studio. The songs are simple, intimate, heart-felt, prayerful expressions captured in song. Some are completely spontaneous and capture raw, live encounters with the Lord. The album has several sections of free singing in the spirit. (singing in tongues.) One track goes for nearly 18 minutes and is quite emotionally “vulnerable.”

If you want to “play it safe” – especially if you are looking for an album to give someone as a gift – then don’t buy this album. If you have a heart for raw, anointed, intimate worship and don’t mind ending up on the floor with a God-encounter, then this is the album for you.

Click Here to listen and for purchasing options.

Passionate Pursuit

This is the second album in The Secret Place series. It continues in the same intimate worship genre established in the Seek My Face album, but is not so emotionally vulnerable. The previous album has the theme of God calling us to Himself. This second album is about our passionate response to that call. It has more interesting orchestration and is probably better produced. The songs are well crafted and although there is still some free worship and singing in the spirit on the album, it is not so raw, it is more refined, and perhaps better suited as a gift, or as a safer introduction to the music of The Secret Place.

"Every note that is played, every word that is sung seems to carry the presence of God" - Crossrhythm.co.uk

Click Here to listen and for purchasing options.

Pursuit of His Presence

This one almost didn’t make it to the production line because the songs were recorded live from our Sunday morning worship services, (in mono on 1/4 inch cassette tape) with no possibility of editing or post-studio production. The production leaves something to be desired, but many people tell me this is their favourite album. I think that’s because those people are looking for live, spontaneous, heart-felt-poured-out worship. They really aren’t that concerned about hi-fi recording quality, so long as the anointing is there and it connects them with God. There is lots of free expression and singing in the spirit - spontaneous, live, soaking worship.

Click Here to listen and for purchasing options.


This is one is out on its own, because it is a DVD and so has the visual impact as well as the audio. Great songs, and very well produced with interesting and full orchestration. This album invites us to draw near to our Creator with a fresh sense of wonder. The concept behind this DVD is to help break new ground in our expression of worship, and would be an inspiration for anyone interested in developing personal or corporate worship in the creative arts.

This also makes a great gift for friends and family as it deals with the subject of creation and the goodness of God. (And there is no singing in tongues.) This is a “double the value” album because it not only contains a DVD but also an audio CD, so you can listen to the cd in the car or anywhere else separately from watching the video. The audio cd stands on its own as an excellent worship album. It can also be downloaded as an mp3.

Click Here to listen and for purchasing options.

Deep calls to deep

This is a wonderful album. It is a great soaking cd, more so than any of the others, as it was specifically recorded for this purpose. It is mainly spontaneous, but not without structure. It has some beautiful melodic moments and gorgeous orchestration. It is excellent background music for contemplative prayer and worship. (There is also the non-vocal, instrumental-only version, for those who only want instrumental music playing in the background.)

The idea behind the vocal version was to create something that engaged the listener in some prayerful moments in song, and then enough space in the instrumental interludes to enable them to process their own thoughts, pray a little, meditate etc without being distracted by the continual flow of someone singing. But instrumental music alone can let the mind wander, so a balance was sought to provide enough vocal melody to sustain interest and help fix the mind, while allowing sufficient space for private meditation. The first track goes for nearly 18 minutes, and is a wonderful segment on its own for soaking purposes.

The whole album is designed to flow as a soaking encounter with the participants seeking God and expressing their desire to be close to Him. God responds by declaring we are righteous in Him, and He calls us His friend. We are encouraged to be still and rest. The final tracks are very restful and would be a great aid for someone struggling to sleep at night.

This album is the latest release, and possibly has the broadest appeal. While the album has a very spontaneous free worship feel, there is no singing in the spirit.

Click Here to listen and for purchasing options.

Throne of Love

Released in 1986. A studio album. Contemporary christian music, some ballads, some rock, some worship, a good variety of mood and styles. Listen to the song clips – there are some great songs on this album, some of them are still my personal favourites. The songs are all quite uniquely distinctive. You couldn’t classify the album as a worship album for example, the songs are just too varied in nature, though the album as a whole has a lovely contemplative, worship feel.

Click Here to listen and for purchasing options.

Rise up

Recorded in 1989. If you like gospel jazz, this is probably the closest I’ll ever get. A good jazz keyboardist produced this one for me so it has a different feel. One or two lovely worship songs on it though. There are several songs on here that kids love – bouncy and melodic.

Click Here to listen and for purchasing options.

Highways to Zion

The first album recorded in 1984. A classic. Contemporary christian music. A variety of styles, mainly praise and worship oriented.

Click Here to listen and for purchasing options.


We have instrumental albums available by Ray Watson & Peter Robertson.

Ray Watson Instrumentals

If you are looking for instrumental albums specifically by The Secret Place, there are two:
Seek My Face (this instrumental/sing-trax version is only available as an mp3 download)
Deep Calls to Deep (instrumental)

Both these albums are the non-vocal version of the albums by the same name. (The vocals have simply been removed from the tracks) They work very well as instrumental albums.

Peter Robertson Instrumentals

Pete has some lovely albums featuring guitar, piano, synth and some light occasional sax. Very good for easy listening background music. These albums are only available as digital mp3 album downloads (unless you are purchasing the 3-album special).

Click Here to listen and for purchasing options.


If you are running a home group, conference, church bookstore or anything out of the ordinary then let me know. I offer bulk discounts and wholesale rates for people who just want to give the cds away to bless others.

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