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YouTube Gospel Videos: You Need to Remember by Ray Watson

Watch gospel music videos from The Secret Place. These gospel videos are sure to delight your heart and minister God's love to you. Enjoy our free youtube music videos, gospel songs and more.

The Secret Place is not just a listening experience, it is a journey of worship. It is a place of intimacy with the Father where the heart longs for His touch.

Take a little time to watch this gospel music video and rest in the Father's love. With an emphasis on intimacy and God's care for us, this gospel song is sure to capture your heart, and leave you with an enduring sense of His presence, and a hunger for more. I encourage you to draw aside and rest in the secret place of His presence.

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You Need to Remember

This song was written as a reminder to us of God's care. He created this world with us in mind! All of nature portrays His goodness and care towards us. He cares for every sparrow on this earth, knows the number of hairs on our heads, measures the vastness of space with His hand and holds everything together - the past, present and future.

We truly have nothing to fear or be concerned about. This simple trust in the bigness of God and His care towards us is what sets our hearts and minds at peace. It is a choice however. We choose to rest in Him knowing that He cares for us. Sometimes however, we don't choose rest in Him and instead choose to carry our own little world on our own little shoulders. We were never meant to carry that burden. God asks us to cast our cares on Him because He cares for us.


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"Is your heart heavy? You need to remember that someone cares for you."

Is your heart heavy? You need to remember that someone cares for you. Let this song speak to you as you lay it all down at His feet and choose to remember that He cares and holds it all together.

You need to remember
That someone cares for you
That summer follows winter
And life can be renewed
You need to remember
That sunshine follows rain
That tears are prayers for laughter
And life can come again
You need to remember

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