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prayer of adoration to God

Adoring the Lord is more than just loving Him. It is being captivated with Who He is. Adoration is looking beyond what the Lord has done for us and gazing into His face. When we do this, life's problems are seen from heaven’s perspective.

Adoration is a heart response; a recognition that He is all we ever need. When we meditate on how great He is, we become transformed into His likeness as we are face to face in adoration of Him.

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Prayer Of Adoration To God

Adoration exalts God and as we meditate on Who He is, we are changed into His likeness. We become transformed into His image and likeness as we gaze in adoration of Him. Wrong thinking and bad attitudes are realigned to His higher ways. We see life from God's perspective - a heavenly viewpoint. Adoration for God lifts us up from where we are and seats us in the heavenly realm of His presence. It is in this place where the Lord speaks. When we are face to face in adoration of Him, His whispers of love towards us can be heard.

"Worship involves your entire being - heart, mind, will, and emotions. Much of what we have called worship in the past has been nothing more than stale religiosity. Extravagant worship, on the other hand, involves total abandonment of our will, a total consciousness of what we are doing as we express our deep love for God in the complete thrusting of ourselves upon Him in rapturous expressions of love and joy and adoration.

Emotion is the language of a person's internal state of being. It is a form of communication that powerfully conveys the intensity of things we are feeling on the inside. Unbridled emotion will permit us to express ourselves in free, spontaneous, and profound responses to the God who longs to have intimacy with us."

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" I feel that I have been behind the veil and entered into the throne room to sit in our Father's lap."

– Barbara Farese, NJ, USA

"Your songs are full of the kinds of desires and emotions that all people feel when they are coming to the Lord in the fullness of his mercy."

– Jamie Ursiny

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