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YouTube Worship Song Videos: Introduction: Do You Have a Heart for Worship?

Discover worship videos from The Secret Place. We invite you to join us on this journey of worship. Draw aside for awhile in His presence with this Christian music video. The Secret Place is not just a listening experience, it is a journey of worship. It is a place of intimacy with the Father where the heart longs for His touch.

With an emphasis on intimacy and prayer, this worship video is sure to capture your heart, and leave you with an enduring sense of His presence, and a hunger for more. I encourage you to draw aside and soak in the secret place of His presence.

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Christian Praise Songs Video

The Power of Visual to Move Us

Music has the power to stir the soul and capture something deep within us that we didn't know was there. It has the ability to reflect the condition of our heart and move us in a unique way. In the same way that sound moves the soul, so too does the visual. Seeing something etches it into our memory and can move us more than words alone.

The power of a worship video can capture the heart and bring us closer to God. It allows our senses to be captured by Him and brought into a greater awareness of who He is.

Let this praise video stir you in worship and be an invitation to enter His presence and soak in the secret place.


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"Music has the power to stir the soul and capture something deep in us we didn't know was there. "

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