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one thing is needful

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- become a lovesick heart fully given to God

- discover the intimacy of worship in The Secret Place

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As you gaze upon the heart of God and begin to grasp that His emotions toward you are of gladness and burning passion for intimacy, nothing in the world will suffice. What you enjoy and desire narrows down to one thing. You begin to want to pour out your life in extravagant devotion upon the feet of Jesus. When your heart is conquered by the One who is fascinating, then no other captivation will satisfy. You will refuse to dwell anywhere but in this position of waiting on Him. You'll pursue Him alone, not allowing yourself to be distracted by anything less. Your hunger will be fixed on a single Source. There will be no going back to what used to bring satisfaction. Secondary pleasures will fade away.

This way of living, while exhilarating, disturbs and provokes people who are still living for many things. They ask, "Why waste your time on that? Why this extreme devotion? What's going on here? You've got to diversify, be more well-rounded, cultivate other interests. You're putting all your eggs in one basket." They don't understand the extravagance of being single-mindedly His. They feel blamed because their lifestyle is not focused on one thing. They might conclude that the person of one thing is mentally off or caught up in religious fanaticism, or has gone too far and will eventually swing back to normal.

But they misunderstand what's on the heart of God. The first commandment, the primary thing God is concerned with, is, "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, soul and mind." That is precisely what the Holy Spirit is saying to the church world-wide. He is cultivating hearts that are unreserved. He is promoting the kind of single-minded devotion the world is frightened of. Many in the church will reject it, and many will embrace it, but when the transformation is complete we will no longer ask, "What is the minimum that is required of me? What can I get by with?" Rather, we'll ask, "What is the very most I can give? I want to give it all!" When you discover the pleasure of living for one thing, you become ruined for anything less.

Mike Bickle - FOTB Used by permission
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"How wonderful it is to return to His presence and weep at His feet ...
Feel the move of His Holy Spirit as the tears fall again!"

– Michael & Susan Farris, Vermont, USA

"The words you sing are the words that my heart say a resounding" Yes!" When I first heard it I cried and cried.  It was like the cry of my heart had been put into words."

– Renee Bourke

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