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communion with God

Is Your Soul Rushing And Surrounded By Turmoil?

Enjoy communion with God in The Secret Place. Experience intimacy with the Father, genuine fellowship and close communion with God.

Prayer is not a religious duty but an invitation for communion with God. Prayer is simply an invite for conversation; a special moment to experience intimate fellowship and communion with the Lord.

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Communion With God

By Connie Sinnott

My Journey Into Intimacy

"Worship is two-way," said Gary Best while speaking at the first Vineyard Worship conference in Toronto in September 1987. My mind tilted as I tried to understand what he was getting at. Having been in church all my life, I had thought I had a solid grasp on the meaning of worship, and my outlook didn't seem to fit with what he was saying. To me worship was my expression of love and adoration to God. But I had never conceived that God would reciprocate.

I first discovered that intimacy is a giving and receiving of love -- indeed two-way. It involves a spirit to Spirit meeting with God in which our spirits become one.

I also learned that entering into intimacy requires me to become transparent and vulnerable before God. Once our hearts are convinced of God's incredible, unconditional love for us, we can open ourselves to Him, knowing He won't condemn us. Instead we will welcome His concern as He cleanses, heals and restores us into a more intimate relationship with Him.

Entering into intimacy with God, therefore, involves making choices to believe that He loves us, to open up to Him and allow His love into our hearts, to give Him permission to do whatever He needs to do in us, and to be vulnerable before Him. I have found the journey so worth while. Filled with gratitude for all He has done, I stand amazed at such a God and worship Him.

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Communion with God

Embark on a journey of intimacy...

Communion with God


"There are many, many songs of faith that, while nice don't really stir the soul way down deep where we communicate with the Lord. But when I first listened to your rendition of My Beloved I was so moved I wept. Pastor, that one particular song hit something within me that just opened a well of both deep indescribable emotion and renewed love for my Savior."

– Larry Pearce, NC, USA

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